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ZERO360 is a free, comprehensive patient support service to help patients and their families navigate insurance and financial obstacles to cover treatment and other critical needs associated with cancer.


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Staff Directory

Have a question or need assistance? We are here to help!

Executive Leadership

Jamie Bearse, President & CEO, jamie@zerocancer.org | 202-664-4200

Jen Gomes, Executive Assistant, jen@zerocancer.org

Development & Operations Team

Kathy Costigan, Senior Vice President of Development and Operations, kathy@zerocancer.org | 202-303-3102

Josh Craddock, Director of Operations, josh@zerocancer.org | 202-630-7706

Shawn K. Supers, Director of Donor Relations, shawn@zerocancer.org | 202-344-9058

Michael Potin, Database Coordinator, michael@zerocancer.org | 202-888-9401

Sierra McCahon, Donor Relations Coordinator sierra@zerocancer.org | 202-750-2961

Events & Chapter Directors Team

Tracy Cesaretti, Vice President of Events, tracy@zerocancer.org | 703 493-0879

Betsy London, External Relations, betsy@zerocancer.org | 410-497-7127

Vanessa Petersen, Director, West Coast Chapter, vanessa@zerocancer.org | 818-473-5351

Emily Byrne, Director, Midwest Chapter, emily@zerocancer.org | 410-497-7127

Caitlin Murphy, Director, Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Caitlin@zerocancer.org | 202-313-2866

Leeanne Clark, Events Marketing Manager, leeanne@zerocancer.org | 202-303-3133

Government Relations & Advocacy Team

Drew Saelens, Vice President of Government Relations & Patient Advocacy, drew@zerocancer.org | 703-229-2367

Matt Marks, Government Relations & Advocacy Manager, matt@zerocancer.org | 202-417-7814‬

Marketing & Communications Team

Colony Brown, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, colony@zerocancer.org | 703-596-2441

Jeremy Reynolds, Director of Digital Marketing Campaigns, jeremy@zerocancer.org | 202-810-3187

Scott Meeks, Social Media & Community Manager, scott@zerocancer.org | 202-303-3103

Mariano Lim, Graphic Designer, mariano@zerocancer.org | 703-957-8029

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