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Prostate Cancer Survivorship

Choosing to call yourself a prostate cancer survivor is a personal choice and yours to make. Wherever you are in your prostate cancer journey, survivor, cancer survivor, and survivorship are words you will hear at some point.

Group of men holding a Survivors & Heroes sign

Survivorship is about creating strategies to help you and other men diagnosed with prostate cancer to live with, through, and beyond a diagnosis. Today, more than 3 million prostate cancer survivors are alive in the U.S. today. There is hope for a long, healthy life after prostate cancer.

After a prostate cancer diagnosis, a man’s priorities regarding relationships, career, or lifestyle may change. Some people with a history of cancer say that they appreciate life more and have gained a greater acceptance of self. At the same time, some survivors also become anxious about their health and uncertain of how to cope with life after treatment, especially when regular visits to doctors overseeing their treatment slow down or stop.


“Cancer survivor” is defined differently by different people, groups, agencies, etc. At ZERO, by our definition, survivorship begins at the time of a cancer diagnosis. We encourage you to define survivorship the best way for you. There are several different aspects to survivorship and most frequently they address the topics listed below.

Headshot of Dr. Alicia Morgans

Living beyond prostate cancer

This webinar explores the clinical and emotional aspects of living beyond prostate cancer treatment with Dr. Alicia Morgans and prostate cancer survivors Derrick Butts and Darryl Trinko.