How do we end Prostate Cancer? Together.

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ZERO's Heroes

You are not alone! We welcome everyone who has been touched by prostate cancer including patients, survivors, loved ones, caregivers, and medical professionals to join us as warriors in our fight against prostate cancer.

With each personal story, our ZERO’s Heroes raise awareness and shed light on the journey to end prostate cancer. Meet some of the patients and families whom we are fighting for 365 days of the year and join our community!

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ZERO's Impact

Where the money goes


Men helped with the assistance of our Co-Pay Program.


Men tested for free with our mobile testing units.


Education materials provided to men and families.


Men are alive due to reduced prostate cancer mortality rates.


I am thankful beyond words for the assistance provided by ZERO. It has enabled me to receive life-extending prostate cancer treatment. I now have the gift of time to spend with my wife and three young grandchildren, who I never believed I would see grow up.

Charles Sweeney, Prostate Cancer Patient


Mustachio Bashio for ZERO!

ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer is constantly growing in support because of wonderful supporters spreading the word about early detection and the resources ...

Danielle Quinn: “This is my fight, in honor of my dad”

I am not a particularly political person nor have I ever had a cause that is "near and dear" to my heart. Nothing in my ...

Sharing the Love

Rose are red. Violets are blue. More men are being helped - because of YOU! Love is in the air, on our minds and filling ...

Erectile Dysfunction: What to Expect and How to Manage It

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is difficult for any man to endure. Navigating treatment options, dealing with financial strain, and facing emotional recovery are intimidating hurdles ...

Prostate Cancer’s Financial Impact Hits the National Stage

Prostate cancer’s impact on families is crippling and grave enough even before taking into account the financial toll the disease makes on patients and their ...

Prostate Cancer News

More men with low-risk prostate cancer are forgoing treatment, study finds

More men with low-risk prostate cancer are forgoing treatment to instead watch and wait to see whether their cancer progresses -- and experts say that's ...

The Link Between Aggressive Prostate Cancer & Other Hereditary Cancers

Aggressive prostate cancer, one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in men, is associated with BRCA2 mutations, which are also linked to hereditary breast ...

Researchers develop prostate cancer prediction tool that has unmatched accu...

Researchers have developed a novel machine-learning framework that distinguishes between low- and high-risk prostate cancer with more precision than ever before. The framework is intended ...

Hormonal therapy for aggressive prostate cancer: How long is enough?

Men weighing treatment options for intermediate- or high-risk cancer that is still localized to the prostate can face a tricky question. A standard approach in ...

Thirty percent fewer prostate cancer deaths with PSA screening

PSA-screening cuts deaths from prostate cancer by some 30%. This is shown by research based on data on 20,000 men monitored for more than two ...