How do we end Prostate Cancer? Together.

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You are not alone! We welcome everyone who has been touched by prostate cancer including patients, survivors, loved ones, caregivers, and medical professionals to join us as warriors in our fight against prostate cancer.

With each personal story, our ZERO’s Heroes raise awareness and shed light on the journey to end prostate cancer. Meet some of the patients and families whom we are fighting for 365 days of the year and join our community!

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Where the money goes


Men helped with the assistance of our Co-Pay Program.


Men tested for free with our mobile testing units.


Education materials provided to men and families.


Men are alive due to reduced prostate cancer mortality rates.


I’m all in with ZERO for their bold goal to ZERO out prostate cancer. Will you join me in saving men and their families?

Steve Bleser, Prostate Cancer Patient


PSMA: A Biomarker with Potential in Prostate Cancer

PSMA: A Biomarker with Potential in Prostate Cancer

Biomarkers have an important role in many diseases, including prostate cancer. No 2 patients’ cancers are the same and biomarkers can provide valuable information to ...

ZERO’s Prostate Cancer Racial Disparities Task Force

It’s estimated that a quarter of a million men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2021 and over 34,000 will lose their life to ...

When your passion, purpose, and profession all sync up

“Research shows having a sense of purpose actually relates to living a longer, happier life. When we feel we are sharing our unique gifts with ...

Breaking the Unwritten Rule

There’s an unwritten rule in the Hispanic/Latin community to not talk about “it”. Whether it’s a general illness, preventative care, or even a cancer diagnosis, ...

My Superman, My Protector, My Best Friend

Clinical Trials Give Patients Access to New and Often Better Treatments! Clinical Trials Save Lives! Fight! What do you do after a devastating diagnosis of ...

Prostate Cancer News

Vast Majority of Men With Early-Stage Prostate Cancer Die From Other Causes

Men with early-stage prostate cancer (PCa) are far more likely to die from other causes, especially noncancer causes such as cardiac disease, according to a ...

Everything Men Should Know About Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer

As treatment options for prostate cancer get better, it can be tough for men to understand what to expect, especially when it comes to radiation ...

Major clinical trial pits proton versus photon radiotherapy in prostate can...

The national 3000-patient COMPPARE trial, which is examining outcomes with proton versus photon radiotherapy in prostate cancer, continues its robust enrollment at more than 50 ...

Closely Monitor Heart Health in Cancer Patients Who Get Hormonal Therapies:...

If hormones are part of your treatment for breast or prostate cancer, your heart health should be closely monitored, according to a new American Heart ...

U.S. Metastatic Prostate Cancer Diagnoses Increase After Reduction in PSA S...

A reduction in prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening in men aged 40 years and older was associated with an increase in metastatic prostate cancer diagnoses in ...