How do we end Prostate Cancer? Together.

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You are not alone! We welcome everyone who has been touched by prostate cancer including patients, survivors, loved ones, caregivers, and medical professionals to join us as warriors in our fight against prostate cancer.

With each personal story, our ZERO’s Heroes raise awareness and shed light on the journey to end prostate cancer. Meet some of the patients and families whom we are fighting for 365 days of the year and join our community!

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Where the money goes


Men helped with the assistance of our Co-Pay Program.


Men tested for free with our mobile testing units.


Education materials provided to men and families.


Men are alive due to reduced prostate cancer mortality rates.


I am thankful beyond words for the assistance provided by ZERO. It has enabled me to receive life-extending prostate cancer treatment. I now have the gift of time to spend with my wife and three young grandchildren, who I never believed I would see grow up.

Charles Sweeney, Prostate Cancer Patient


Prostate Cancer Awareness Month – All Year Long

Zach stood next to his dad, Ed, and draped his arm around his shoulders and beamed a smile as Ed - nicknamed Snuffy - got ...

Three Siblings Run Chicago Marathon to Honor Their Dad

Prostate cancer doesn’t just affect men - it affects entire families. That couldn’t be more clear as Kate, Pete, and Sue Madler share their story ...

Waking Up Single with Prostate Cancer

June of 2014, my 28-year marriage ended in divorce. What seemed to be a well-charted future started to unravel, and I was forced to rebuild ...
Barry Davis

Life is not a Spectator Sport

I like the saying at the bottom of Tom Hulsey’s emails: “Life is not a spectator sport.” Although Tom and I have never met, we ...

Making an Impact in Minnesota one PSA Test at a Time

Part of what makes ZERO so special is that we recognize we can make more of an impact when we partner with others. With Prostate ...

Prostate Cancer News

Radiation After Surgery May Not Be Necessary Among Men With Prostate Cancer

CURE Today
Men with prostate cancer could be spared having to undergo radiation after surgery given that a recent study found no difference in disease recurrence at ...

Mushroom consumption reduces risk of prostate cancer – 4 reasons to i...

A recent study shows that mushroom consumption plays a role in reducing the risk of developing prostate cancer. Mushrooms seem to bring various health benefits ...

How David Wood became McLaren’s first proton beam patient

David Wood wasn't surprised he ended up with prostate cancer, but he was surprised at how nasty the cancer was. Wood initially wanted surgery to ...

Elton John was ‘24 hours from death’ after prostate cancer surgery

Sir Elton John has revealed he was “24 hours from death” after contracting an infection following treatment for prostate cancer. The singer, 72, was diagnosed in 2017 ...

Link Seen Between Infertility, Prostate Cancer

Could male infertility contribute to a higher risk for prostate cancer? Yes, according to new Swedish research that suggests that men who become fathers through assisted reproduction treatments ...