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Meet the ZERO Team

Hopefully we’ve had the opportunity to meet you in person! If not, we are the fab folks behind ZERO. A talented and diverse bunch, we are all bound by our deep passion to end prostate cancer. Laser focused on impact and making a difference, our team’s commitment to ending this disease is second to none. We are in this fight together and we cherish meeting the patients, survivors, families, and partners we serve. You are our inspiration! Whether at the ZERO headquarter office outside of Washington, D.C. or in locations acround the country, we are here to support you. Don’t hesitate to reach out, let’s make a connection!

Jamie Bearse

Jamie is ZERO’s CEO, spokesperson, and jokester. During the last 15 years at ZERO, there isn't a job he hasn’t ... Read More

Georgia Benack

Georgia is the most organized person you know. There isn’t an office problem she can’t solve, and after a lifetime ... Read More

Colony Brown

With equal parts compassion and toughness, Colony is ZERO’s diplomat and marketing guru. Whether she’s in the front of the ... Read More

Tracy Cesaretti

Tracy could plan your next event in five minutes flat. She’s ZERO’s resident events nerd and has a head for ... Read More

Leeanne Clark

If you have a question, it’s a safe bet that Leeanne has the answer. Never one to shy away from ... Read More

Kathy Costigan

Kathy Costigan is ZERO’s problem solver. A debater by nature, she loves a good challenge and is not afraid to ... Read More

Josh Craddock

Josh is ZERO’s numbers guy. He always has a calculator in his back pocket and a head for all things ... Read More

Tineke Hage

Tineke is ZERO’s go-to. There isn’t a question - development or otherwise - that she can’t find the answer to, ... Read More

Shauna Huffington

Shauna is a true Texan. She makes a mean piecrust, never shies away from a cold beer, and dedicates her ... Read More

Mariano Lim II

Mariano is ZERO’s design guru and InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop wizard. You’ll often find him working on five projects at ... Read More

Betsy London

Betsy serves as ZERO’s External Relations pro, but she handles more than just the strategy and implementation of our events ... Read More

Matt Marks

Matt Marks can show you around Capitol Hill just as easily as he can cook a gourmet meal. While his ... Read More

Vanessa Petersen

Vanessa has never met a project she couldn’t tackle head on. As ZERO’s West Coast Chapter Director, she’s got her ... Read More

Michael Potin

Michael is ZERO’s data wizard. He can make sense of even the toughest data question, reorganize your constituent database, and ... Read More

Jeremy Reynolds

Jeremy is ZERO’s digital native, handling everything from HTML and website design to email campaigns, digital marketing, and everything in ... Read More

Drew Saelens, MBA, MS

Drew Saelens is ZERO’s go-to policy advisor and corporate fundraiser. If he’s not on the Hill talking increased research funding ... Read More

Amanda Singer

Amanda is probably writing the next great American novel right now. She's our media relations whiz and writing junkie, and ... Read More

Kirsten Spittel

Kirsten is ZERO’s resident storyteller. She’s a keen listener who’s always eager to shine the spotlight on who and what ... Read More

Shawn K. Supers

Shawn is a true community organizer. She may even have problem-solving super powers – it is in her name, after ... Read More

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