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by Niamh Connolly   |   May 24, 2019

Five Questions with Niamh

ZERO is excited to have Niamh Connolly on the team! She’s our new Senior Events Manager who hails from Cambridge, Massachusetts and her weakness is milk chocolate.

Here are five questions we asked Niamh so you can get to know her better.

We know you’re awesome – but tell our ZERO Community what you bring to the table.

I am an avid planner and have years of experience planning a variety of events and programs. I like to think that my former colleagues and teammates would describe me as a team player and always willing to chip in when needed.

What’s your connection to prostate cancer?

Fortunately, none of my family members or friends have been affected by prostate cancer. However, I am still passionate about ZERO’s cause. One of the main reasons that I decided to go into the non-profit space is so that my job would be meaningful and have a positive effect on people.

What will you be diving into first here at ZERO?

I am getting up-to-speed on our Team ZERO program as well as our Run/Walk program. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the ZERO community. Everyone here has been very welcoming and I am so happy that I get to be a part of the ZERO team.

What fun things do you do outside of work?

I am a true believer that it doesn’t matter what you are doing; it’s the company you’re with that makes something, or really anything, fun and enjoyable, so I love spending time with my friends and family. I especially love going out to eat and trying all the many different restaurants in the area. I am always up to try something new, especially if there’s live music and/or some friendly competitive games.

What’s in your Hulu queue right now?

“This is Us”, “Survivor”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Handmaid’s Tale” – Also love “Game of Thrones” but it’s technically HBO.