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Bold For Blue Award Winners

The Bold for Blue Awards recognize ZERO Champions who have the greatest impact in the fight against prostate cancer with their fundraising efforts. From the teams and individuals who participate in the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk series, to the folks who host their own do-it- yourself (DIY) events locally, and those who participate in our annual Grow & Give campaign, we applaud you for being Bold for Blue!

Andrew Zweig Ripple Runners

In honor of the late Andrew Zweig, this repeat Bold for Blue Award recipient made an incredible impact in 2020. ZERO Champions Sue Spector and Nancy Diamond continue to inspire a “ripple” of good in honor of their beloved friend, Andrew. After losing Andrew to prostate cancer, this team started fundraising to keep his memory alive. Located in the Rockland County, this team turned 2020 into a virtual festivity by hosting the first-ever “Chuckles for a Cause” virtual comedy show. Having raised over $100,000 for patients in need, they are determined to continue to raise awareness and inspire us all to keep smiling as we work together to make Generation ZERO a reality.  

Baird — Novembeard 2020

As one of ZERO’s long-standing Grow & Give partners, Baird has made an incredible impact in ZERO’s mission. In 2020, Baird employees got cHAIRitable once again during the month of November and brought in over $20,000 in donations for men and their families. One of the best moments was when ZERO Champion and Grow & Give leader Warren Macy raised over $6,800 and dyed his beard blue. Talk about a commitment to the cause! 

Bernadette Greenwood

As an Army veteran and chief research officer at HALO Diagnostics (the host practice for ZERO’s Coachella Run/Walk), Bernadette is no stranger to going above and beyond the call of duty. In between overseeing the clinical and research activities at HALO Diagnostics and pursuing her Ph.D., Bernadette has become an active patient advocate for prostate cancer patients in California. In 2020, she was the top fundraiser for the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk – Coachella Valley and lent her expertise as a medical professional during an educational segment of the Southern California Virtual Celebration.

Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific was once again an awesome supporter of ZERO’s Grow and Give campaign. Throughout November, employees grew beards and mustaches to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer patients. “We’re honored to play a small part in the tremendous work ZERO is doing to support prostate cancer research, provide impactful patient programs and increase awareness of prostate cancer,” said Meghan Scanlon, Senior Vice President and President of Urology and Pelvic Health, Boston Scientific. “Boston Scientific is committed to transforming men’s lives through innovative prostate health technologies. Meaningful collaborations with leading organizations like ZERO are an important part of turning that commitment into action. I’m so proud of our employees’ participation and enthusiasm for Grow and Give and our continued collaboration with ZERO!”

Daniel Perkins

Dan Perkins’ unique story drives him to be an amazing advocate in the fight to end prostate cancer. Dan connected with the cause back in 2011, when three of his friends and his training partner’s father were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Over the last nine years, he focused on ensuring that proper testing and care become more widely available to all men, especially for those more vulnerable to the disease. Dan is a frequent advocate at the annual ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit, and is a new addition to ZERO’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Nilay Gandhi

After six years of being involved with ZERO, Capital Area Run/Walk race director Dr. Gandhi decided to fundraise for his local Virtual Run/Walk like never before. As a physician at Potomac Urology ( the practice partner for the D.C. Run/Walk), Dr. Gandhi is a regular presence at ZERO’s annual Summit, since he firmly believes that as a physician, he is a patient’s best advocate. On top of his amazing advocacy and Run/Walk efforts, and his service on ZERO’s Medical Advisory Board, Dr. Gandhi spearheaded the Pies for Prostates movement across the prostate cancer community. He “pied it forward” and raised over $24,000!

Gary Melnick

Last December, Gary was told he had prostate cancer and his world came to a halt. Thanks to the team at Chesapeake Urology (the host partner of the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk – Baltimore), Gary was able to receive treatments and find the support he needed to be prostate cancer free!  Gary used his diagnosis to raise awareness and funds through the ZERO Run/Walk Baltimore. Congratulations to Gary on his first-ever Bold for Blue Award!

Greater Boston Urology

As hosts of the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk – Boston, Greater Boston Urology (GBU) produced the largest team at the 2020 Run/Walk. Their team consisted of employees and their friends and family. GBU has been involved with ZERO since 2015 and is dedicated to showing its patients and community their support. And, after attending her first ZERO Summit in 2020, Team Captain Beth is inspired to do even more for patients. Awesome!

Harrity & Harrity, LLP

Sandy Maxey is a ZERO Champion who got her workplace, Harrity & Harrity, LLP, involved in the  fight against prostate cancer. After losing her father to prostate cancer, Sandy committed herself to ensure that no one else has to lose their father to prostate cancer. In addition to utilizing workplace giving programs to give back to ZERO, Sandy and Harrity 4 Charity hosted a TRIPLE match campaign in December of 2020. This campaign brought in over $45,000 to the cause. Way to go!

Leonard Zasoski

If you’re familiar with the Bakersfield, California Run/Walk, then Leonard is no stranger to you! As a survivor, advocate, race director, and ZERO Champion, Leonard has been involved with ZERO for over three years getting his employer — Colombo Construction, family, friends and even Mayor involved in making prostate cancer a priority. Leonard was just 21 when he lost his dad to prostate cancer, and later beat prostate cancer himself. He credits early detection for saving his life, which motivates him to advocate for early detection for others. Between running the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk – Bakersfield, dying his hair blue to meet a fundraising goal, and shaving  “Z” in his beard to support ZERO’s Grow & Give campaign, Leonard has done it all to support the ZERO family! 

Leonard gives credit to the success of his efforts to his team, Fight On for the Cure of Prostate Cancer – Spare the Walnut. By coming together and joining forces, FOFTC Spare the Walnut has helped make an incredible impact on the prostate cancer space in their area. Led by Leonard and his wife, Betty, they take home the top fundraiser awards each year. We love this power couple!

Lyle Leuck

Prostate cancer survivor and ZERO Champion Lyle Leuck is dedicated to disease education and advocacy. Lyle first connected with ZERO back in 2016, and since then, Lyle has been devoted to sharing his story and being a resource for anyone in need. In 2019, Lyle became a Bold for Blue recipient due to his hard work organizing his own Run/Walk, calledRun For a Life. Lyle’s Run For a Life event has been so successful that in 2021 it will officially join our National Run/Walk series! Lyle is also famous for dying his hair blue, which he took full advantage of in quarantine in 2020!

Patrick Sullivan

When the world changed due to COVID-19 and all Team ZERO endurance running events were canceled in 2020, Patrick didn’t let that stop him. Instead, he began training for a triathlon that he would plan and race in all by himself! Patrick not only completed his own triathlon but with some help from friends and family who cheered him on, Patrick was able to raise over $19,000 for prostate cancer patients and their families!

Pfizer Oncology

Team Pfizer Oncology continues to make an incredible impact in the fight to end prostate cancer! Pfizer is a Bold for Blue powerhouse in all that they do – they’re always putting their minds and hearts into raising awareness and charitable funds for the prostate cancer cause.

During the 2020 Run/Walk season, Team Pfizer was one of the largest teams nationwide! Even in a year of virtual races, Team Pfizer still showed up and raised their voices for men and families in need of support. With 75 team members for the virtual NYC event, Team Pfizer was the largest sponsored team nationwide. When they weren’t lacing up their shoes for a virtual race, Team Pfizer shared our mission in many other impactful ways. Led by Susan Hensley, Sheri May, and Nicole McNamara, the Pfizer team recognized that prostate cancer doesn’t stop during a pandemic and neither could their ongoing support. From donning mustaches (fake and real!) during Grow and Give to posting awareness campaigns on social media, Team Pfizer was always there to show love to patients and families. And, during Grow and Give, they raised over $32,000 to help patients in need. Thank you, Team Pfizer, for all you do to be #ZEROstrong.

Soaring Eagle

After connecting with ZERO in 2019, Karen Jauregui joined forces with her family and friends to create team “Soaring Eagle” in honor of her late husband Peter. Karen and her team’s competitive spirit led them to be the top fundraisers at the virtual 2020 ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk – Boston, bringing in over $23,400! Karen is a proud ZERO Champion, a Summit advocate, and a new member of ZERO’s Board of Directors.

Task Force Morgan

ZERO connected with Tracy Morgan in 2019 after he received his prostate cancer diagnosis, and he quickly became one of the most active ZERO Champions in the Midwest Chapter. Task Force Morgan is a family effort, and each person plays a unique role in their fight against prostate cancer. In 2020, Tracy and his team were the top fundraising team, bringing in over $16,000! Tracy took things to the next level when he motivated donors to give by promising to shave his hair into a mohawk, dye it blue, and shave off his twenty-year-old mustache after reaching his fundraising goal. Tracy made good on his promise and live-streamed the whole thing for everyone to watch!

Team Angus

Team Angus hails from the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk – Harrisburg and is led by prostate cancer survivor and ZERO Champion Mark Hagenbuch. Donned in his infamous kilt, Mark has fearlessly led his team and community in the fight against prostate cancer and raised over $19,000 for the Harrisburg Run/Walk. Mark also shared his story and served as the face of ZERO’s COVID-19 Support Fund Campaign in the spring of 2020.

Team Nikituk

When Paul Nikituk passed from prostate cancer at the early age of 55 in 2007, his family was determined to continue his legacy of helping others and making the world a better place. His wife Cheryl, alongside daughters Tara and Meghan, launched Team Nikituk at the inaugural ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk in Washington, D.C. More than a decade later, these incredible women continue to dedicate their time, efforts, and energy to making the prostate cancer community a welcoming and impactful space. They have made it their personal mission to talk to anyone, anywhere, about prostate cancer. We are so proud and grateful to once again honor our original ZERO Champions.

Team Poppa, Pappy and Cuggy

Team Poppa, Pappy, and Cuggy led by team captain Casey Fults joined the ZERO Family just over six years ago when grandpa Billy Wayne (known lovingly as “Poppa”) was diagnosed with prostate cancer. This San Antonio family made an incredible impact in their community in honor of Billy Wayne and has been a top fundraising team multiple years in a row for the San Antonio Run/Walk. Pappy and Cuggy are two other family members that were diagnosed with prostate cancer and were mentored by Billy before his passing in 2018. Over the last two years, the Fults have done a tremendous job growing the team and boosting donations. We’re thankful to have met this incredible family and appreciate their countless efforts in the fight to end prostate cancer and advocate for men with this disease. 

The Cracked Walnuts

Led by prostate cancer survivor Chris Meyer, The Cracked Walnuts joined the ZERO Family in 2011 and they’ve made an incredible impact at the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk – Twin Cities every year since then. After receiving his diagnosis, Chris and the Cracked Walnuts team began creating awareness around the disease. Due to Chris’ vocalness, his brothers began testing early and were able to catch their own prostate diagnoses early! The Cracked Walnuts have made an incredible impact in their community leading them to be the top fundraising team in 2020, and have raised over  $60,000 since their founding. This team shows us that while prostate cancer is determined by genetics, fighting it can be a family affair. The Cracked Walnuts prove that we are stronger as a community and can make an incredible impact together.

The Forsburg 40

The Forsburg 40 is a powerhouse team for the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk – Harrisburg. Led by Eliza, her little sister Finleigh, and their grandfather Pat (a ZERO Champion and prostate cancer survivor), this team raised over $18,000!. In 2020, the Forsburg 40 demonstrated their unwavering support of the Run/Walk series by taking their support virtual! Even in a digital setting, the Forsburg 40 had more than 400 team members, including international members, on their team for the 2020 Run/Walk. That’s what we call impact!

The Iowa Clinic Men's Center

The Iowa Clinic Men’s Center has a Bold for Blue passion for supporting patients and the communities where they live, work, and play. ZERO connected with the Iowa Clinic in 2015 and partnered with their incredible team of urologists, Drs. Carl Meyer, Steven Rosenberg, and Mark Leo, to make an impact on the fight against prostate cancer in the Des Moines area. Their commitment to their patient’s health and their compassion for doing what is right drives their staff to support the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk – Des Moines. In 2020, they took home awards for the largest team and top fundraising team! They took their support to another level by partnering with ZERO’s Drive Program, which provides support to patients who travel to/from treatment appointments.

This One's for Terry

Led by Susie Schlernitzauer in honor of her brother Terry, Team “This One’s for Terry” has reliably been the largest and top fundraising team at the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk – South Florida. After her brother Terry’s diagnosis, Susie committed herself to do everything she could to end the disease. Susie was a huge part of the South Florida race’s success by raising over $15,000 for the virtual ZERO Run/Walk. Susie didn’t stop there — she also raised funds and took part in the Virtual ZERO Prostate Cancer Tee-Off event in November. Susie’s goal is to help one man at a time, always in her brother’s memory, so fewer families lose their loved ones.

Tito's Handmade Vodka

ZERO connected with Tito’s Handmade Vodka in 2018 when they expanded their no-shave November campaign, since ZERO’s Grow & Give to End Prostate Cancer was a perfect fit for their vision!  Along with their local representatives and distributors, Tito’s Grow & Give teams raise money through specialty drink fundraisers at restaurants in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Cheers to Tito’s Handmade Vodka — “the philanthropic company that just happens to sell vodka” — we look forward to continuing to grow with you! 

Tom Hulsey

On his birthday in 2015, Tom heard these dreaded words from his doctor, “you have cancer.” Tom discovered ZERO through the blue wristband his nurses gave him after his radical prostatectomy. He embraced ZERO’s mission and turned his life’s focus to education and advocacy. He serves on the ZERO Board, is a Team ZERO endurance athlete and fundraiser, and is an active spokesperson for ZERO and other prostate cancer related groups and causes. You can learn more about Tom’s incredible journey in his self-published and authored book, The Winning Mindset That Saved My Life

ZERO Prostate Cancer Tee-Off Champions

In 2021, an incredible group of ZERO Champions took a swing at prostate cancer. Volunteers from Atlanta, New Jersey, Florida, and Arizona banded together to adapt during the pandemic and put patients first by uniting for a Nationwide Virtual ZERO Prostate Cancer Tee-Off. They networked with hundreds of local golf clubs and associations to raise awareness during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and raised over $55,000 with the event!

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