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Showtime, ESPN host Brian Custer Fighting to End Stigma Around Prostate Cancer

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Brian Custer, a prominent figure in the world of boxing as the host of “Showtime Championship Boxing” and an anchor on ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” celebrated the 10th anniversary of his victorious battle against prostate cancer. Now, he's using his platform to raise awareness about the disease during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. 

Custer, a passionate advocate for the cause, underscores that the stigma associated with the disease, its side effects, and testing remains a significant hurdle in encouraging early detection, particularly among men of color. 

Despite initially feeling the weight of stereotypes and embarrassment, Custer's life-changing conversation with his oncologist turned him into a relentless advocate, stressing that by using his platform, he could help save lives and destigmatize the disease.

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Jared Schwartz, Sports Reporter and Boxing Writer

Jared Schwartz is a sports reporter and The Post's boxing writer. Jared is a proud University of Wisconsin alum, where he covered the Badgers football and basketball programs. Prior to joining The Post, he worked in public relations with the New York Yankees and Yankee Stadium. A Long Island native, Jared now resides in Brooklyn.