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Educating Patients and Caregivers About Prostate Cancer

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When patients and their caregivers ask me for resources for education about prostate cancer, I often refer them to places like the Prostate Cancer Foundation to look up thoroughly curated, tested and checked material because there is the opportunity for misinformation on the internet when it comes to prostate cancer care or any kind of cancer care, for that matter. Having a trusted resource is really important. The Prostate Cancer Foundation has some great pamphlets and information that has been checked by physicians and clinical teams to make sure that all of the things in there are updated and true.

The other place that I often send patients is to the ZERO Prostate Cancer website, which is really nice because it also has curated information that I can trust and that patients can trust, but also has access to support group information so that patients, no matter where they live in the country, can find a support group that might be a place where they can go in person or perhaps online to hear stories from patients like them and to ask questions of other people who are going through what they've gone through or who have gone through what they're going through. These kinds of resources are really important.

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