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Guy Williams

In May 2014 while visiting his dad in Atlanta, Guy Williams learned that his father was being treated for prostate cancer. Though he vowed to help his father through treatment however he could, his father never discussed his disease any further.

However, when Guy returned to New Jersey shortly after, he decided to see his doctor about being tested for prostate cancer. He’d done his own research and realized that he was at risk, and in the last week of June of that same year, Guy had his PSA test. Two days later, he was referred to a urologist due to a high PSA. After undergoing additional testing, Guy was diagnosed with prostate cancer on July 31, 2014, just a few weeks after learning of his father’s diagnosis.

The strange thing was, that after my diagnosis I initially wasn’t afraid.

He was referred to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and had a robotic prostatectomy in October of 2014. Since his treatment, Guy has gotten involved with ZERO and with raising awareness of prostate cancer in his community. He found ZERO through his own research after his diagnosis. Guy was excited about the opportunity to make his voice heard by advocating for increased prostate cancer research funding on Capitol Hill at the ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit.

Men of color are at higher risk for prostate cancer, and there so far has been no research that has proven why. We need to raise awareness so those men – and all men – know they could be at risk and know to see their doctor. Men need to start speaking up.

Guy continues to raise awareness locally and hopes that his efforts will help men take charge of their health the way he did.