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by Amanda Singer   |   May 29, 2018

Five Questions with Caitlin, ZERO’s Newest Team Member

Caitlin Murphy joined ZERO in March 2018 as a Senior Events Coordinator, assisting the Events team in coordinating more than 40 Run/Walks nationwide this year as well as helping out Team ZERO.

We asked Caitlin our five most burning questions:

How did you find ZERO?

I saw you guys on Facebook! When I noticed you were hiring for a role I was perfect for, it felt like a magic moment. I really connected with ZERO’s mission and knew I wanted to work here. Plus, who wouldn’t want to work at one of the Best Places to Work in the country?!

Do you have a connection to prostate cancer?

My paternal grandfather is a prostate cancer survivor. My family has a long history of the disease, and he’s actually the first survivor of it. Once I found ZERO, I knew I wanted to work toward ending a disease that has affected my family so much. Seeing the work my new team members did on a daily basis really inspired me. With one in nine men being diagnosed, it’s a cause that truly could affect everyone and I wanted to help people going through it, just like my family had gone through it in the past.

What did you do at your previous job?

I was a consultant before I came to ZERO, and most recently I managed the Volunteer Program at the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Before that, I worked on an assortment of different projects, including as an Associate Director of Transportation at the Democratic National Convention Committee and Presidential Inaugural Committee, and as the Wounded Warrior and Mass Groups Coordinator at the National Memorial Day Concert and A Capitol Fourth.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Plan for the zombie apocalypse. As an event planner, you always need to know your options! You can also catch me on stage doing competitive team-based karaoke and I always love a good podcast. My friends tell me I’m always energetic and ‘ready to start the party.’ So no matter what I’m doing, I’m always having a good time.

What do you hope to accomplish at ZERO?

I hope to be able to help the men and families that battle this terrible disease. If I can save one man’s life by putting on these meaningful events and raising awareness, then I know I’ll have done my job. I feel connected to these families because of my family history with prostate cancer, and I want to help them on their journey in any way that I can.