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2024 ZERO Prostate Cancer Virtual Summit

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On-Demand Sessions

Dive into a wealth of on-demand educational sessions, crafted to demystify prostate cancer. Whether you're seeking treatment insights or emotional support, our sessions cover it all. Empower yourself with knowledge, at your own pace, on the journey to understanding and overcoming prostate cancer. Your education, your terms.

Live from the Summit

These sessions were part of our live Education & Support Summit, made available on-demand for your convenience.

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Know Your Numbers

Hear as men from various walks of life open up about their journeys with prostate cancer. Through their heartfelt stories and words of encouragement, they aim to inspire others to prioritize their health by getting screened for this common yet often overlooked disease. By shedding light on the significance of understanding PSA numbers, these brave individuals empower viewers to take control of their own well-being. 

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Avenues of Advocacy

Yna Perry discusses the importance of advocacy in the fight against prostate cancer. Learn why advocacy is crucial, how to get involved, and how it can impact patient rights and access to quality healthcare. Discover strategies for making a difference and hear personal stories. Don't miss this video that will inspire you to become an advocate for change. Watch now and make your voice heard!

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Biosimilars: What Patients Need to Know

Sarah Ikenberry from the Office of Therapeutic Biologics and Biosimilars at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides an informative overview of biosimilars. She explains what patients need to know about these medications, including their approval process, similarities to reference products, and potential cost savings. Sarah also discusses the difference between biosimilars and generics and the availability of interchangeable biosimilars. The video concludes with a review of the resources and educational materials provided by the FDA to help patients and healthcare providers understand and access biosimilar treatments.

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Active Surveillance

Dr. Todd Cohen, VP of Medical Affairs at Blue Earth Diagnostics, discusses active surveillance for prostate cancer. He explains how it works, who are good candidates, what tests are involved, risks and benefits compared to surgery/radiation, and more.

Dr. Cohen provides a thorough overview to help men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer understand if active surveillance may be right for them.

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