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Alexandria, Virginia
Picture of Ripple Runners outside wearing winter jackets
Top Team Fundraiser

Andrew Zweig Ripple Runners

Team Captain: Wendy Zweig

When Wendy Zweig lost her husband, Andrew from prostate cancer in 2017, she knew she had to do something. 

With the help and support of her friends, Sue and Nancy, the Andrew Zweig Ripple Run was created the following year. Since 2018, the Ripple Runners have excelled at raising awareness and funding in their Rockland County Community, and in 2020, the Ripple Run was officially adopted into ZERO’s National Run/Walk Series. 

Each year, the Ripple Runners continue to raise over $10,000, and in 2023 they reached over $12,000. In Andrew’s memory, Wendy and her team continue to work together to make a positive impact in the lives of prostate cancer patients and their families in need.

Walter Jones posing in front of ZERO backdrop
Top Team Fundraiser

Team Buck

Team Captain: Walter Jones

Walter “Buck” Jones is the true definition of a prostate cancer survivor. After his recurrence last year, he knew he wanted to get more involved in helping others. 

Buck learned about ZERO’s Baltimore Run/Walk at his doctor's office and immediately got rolling, creating Team Buck. The energy and time Buck put into this effort, reaching out to his network of contacts, was well worth it. This first-year team is one of the Top 5 Fundraising Teams for 2023, raising over $14,000! 

Knowing the passion this ZERO Champion has in fighting for a cure, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for 2024. 

Team photo of Team Frednecks
Top Team Fundraiser

Team Frednecks

Team Captain: Jacy Konrath

Team Frednecks was created in memory of Fred Sanger, a long-time Napa Valley Run/Walk supporter who passed from prostate cancer in 2018. 

Team Frednecks ran in his memory, to honor his wife Sue, and to support all families affected by the disease. Formed by Sue’s employer Launch, Inc., a Napa Valley Run/Walk sponsor, this team pushes on year after year with the hope of one day seeing an end to prostate cancer. 

Team captain Jacy Konrath leads the team of family and friends and vows to continue to fight for other families who have lost a husband, father, son, brother, grandfather, uncle, or friend. 

In 2023 they raised over $25,000!

Pat Forsburg and grandchildren
Top Team Fundraiser


Team Captain: Pat Forsburg

The FORSBURG 40 does it again! Yes, they are the largest 2023 Run/Walk team and yes, this powerhouse team goes above and beyond as the top fundraising team for the Harrisburg Run/Walk. 

Team captain Pat Forsburg is always ready to take one for the team, and what we mean by that, is raising prostate cancer awareness any way he can. Which this year meant throwing out the first pitch at a Pittsburgh Pirates game, with granddaughter Eliza shouting out “Play Ball”! 

Since 2012, Pat Forsburg and The FORSBURG 40 have been an incredible force, raising over $21,000 in 2023 and over $160,000 since joining ZERO’s mission. 

Team Group Photo in Park for This One’s for Terry
Top Team Fundraiser

This One's for Terry

Team Captain: Suzanne Schlernitzauer

Team “This One’s for Terry”, one of the largest teams of our South Florida ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk with 49 participants, is led by Susie Schlernitzauer, who happens to also be a founder of the race. 

After her brother Terry’s diagnosis, Susie promised him she’d do everything she could to fight the disease. Year after year Susie works tirelessly recruiting teams, fundraising, and organizing the event. 

Whether it’s organizing a fundraiser, spreading prostate cancer awareness, or advocating for increased research funding, ZERO Champion Susie does it with grace and passion. She fights for other patients in honor of her brother, Terry, and won’t stop until there’s an end to the disease. Since 2018 they have raised over $97,000!