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Bold for Blue Awards

Alexandria, Virginia
Jodi Pitchok French & Chris dressed in white
Top Individual Fundraiser

Jodi Pitchok-French

Jodi Pitchok-French’s life was shattered In September of 2022. Her husband, Chris, after a short battle with prostate cancer, succumbed to the disease at the age of 56. 

In honor of Chris' memory, Jodi joined hands with ZERO and created a JustGiving fundraiser honoring Chris’s legacy and his brave fight against prostate cancer. She raised over $11,000!  

Jodi doesn’t want other families to go through what she did so she is working to educate others about the importance of early screening hoping to save countless lives. Though there have been many advancements in the treatment of prostate cancer, that wasn’t enough for Chris. Her hope is a future where prostate cancer is a thing of the past.

Larry Langmore on a bike
Top Individual Fundraiser

Larry Langmore

When Larry Langmore lost his best friend to prostate cancer, he never expected he'd be diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer. Inspired by his daughter, Katie, signing up their team "Wee Ride" for the 40-mile Eastern Trail Maine Lighthouse Bike Tour, he turned their ride into an opportunity to raise awareness and resources for ZERO. 

He chose to partner with ZERO because he was impressed with our vision statement to: “Imagine a future with zero prostate cancer deaths and an end to pain and suffering”

He started with a goal of $1,500 and—thanks to an overwhelming response from his friends, family, local community, and fraternity—raised more than $15,000 to fuel ZERO's programs!

Sibylle Zillgens Coe Headshot
Top Individual Fundraiser

Sibylle Coe

Sibylle Zillgens Coe participates in the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk in honor of her friend Fred Sanger. 

As a member of Team Frednecks, she wants to show her support and celebrate the inspiring patients and families nationwide who are fighting prostate cancer. Many of her fellow teammates work for Launch, Inc., one of our Napa Valley Run/Walk Sponsors, and where Sibylle serves as CEO. 

Sibylle raised over $11,000 in 2023, and combined with her team, over $25,000 was raised! Sounds like Sibylle is CEO in the office as well as on the track!

Scott and Katy Freitag wearing baseball caps
Top Individual Fundraiser

Scott and Katy Freitag

In January of 2018, just shy of his 55th birthday, Scott Freitag was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Scott made it his mission to spread awareness about prostate cancer and stress the importance of early detection. 

On June 26, 2023, Scott and his wife Katy set out on a journey of a lifetime, biking the border of the United States to raise awareness and money for the disease he continues to fight. Their goal is to raise $500,000 while biking 11,000 miles, and Scott’s brother, Randy, has pledged to match the donation total up to $100,000! 

Their fundraising efforts haven't gone unnoticed. Scott and Katy are the recipients of the 2024 Cash, Sweat, and Tears Award.