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ZERO360 is a free, comprehensive patient support service to help patients and their families navigate insurance and financial obstacles to cover treatment and other critical needs associated with cancer.


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Join an incredible community of monthly donors – people just like you – who are passionate about helping prostate cancer patients in crisis. Every day, a man is teetering on the brink, waiting to be saved. You can become part of an unstoppable force to make a difference when a man is fighting for his life.

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Just $25 dollars a month makes sure that professional help is ready when a man needs it most. Your generosity can help pay for their life-saving medicine, arrange rides to their doctor appointments, get financial assistance to pay the bills, and find support in their local area.

Carl is here because of Save a Man Heroes!

I was living a nightmare, needing to start radiation but with no path to get it covered. If not for your help, I would have fallen through the cracks.Carl Larsen, helped by Save A Man Heroes

As a member of this heroic Save A Man community, you’ll be getting regular updates about how your support is changing lives, along with exclusive benefits that are only available to Save a Man Heroes:

  • Community Good News: We want you to know just how much you’re changing men’s lives! On a regular basis, we’ll be sending you impact reports — stories of men who are getting the help they need because of your commitment to make a difference to others battling prostate cancer.
  • Free Run/Walk Registration: We want you with us when we come together to share life, build support with one another, and raise awareness. You’ll get a free invitation every year to an event near you.
  • Join us at the ZERO Summit: Every February we meet in D.C. to build community, learn about new research on the disease, and equip for fighting prostate cancer in communities and across the nation. Every Hero has a free spot saved just for them.
  • Community Member Gear: After your first donation, we’ll send you a free gift and you’ll have members-only access to social media banners and other merchandise to show your special commitment to the cause.

Have any questions about how you can become a part of the world-changing Save a Man Heroes community? Shawn K. Supers is ready to talk any time, you can email her at shawn@zerocancer.org or call her cell phone at (202) 344-9058.

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