Donor Advised Funds

Discover the power of donor-advised funds (DAF) for tax-efficient giving. Support ZERO's fight against prostate cancer through a gift from your DAF.

ZERO advocates, Vivian Avery and Chas Rogers

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a charitable giving vehicle that allows you to make a tax-deductible donation today and then recommend gifts (known as grants) to charities from the fund over time. Not only do contributions have immediate tax benefits, they also grow tax-free in the account to provide greater impact. DAFs are a convenient and tax-efficient way to facilitate charitable giving and achieve your philanthropic goals.

If you already have a DAF and would like to send a gift to ZERO, your fund administrator may simply send a check payable to: 

ZERO Prostate Cancer
201 N. Union St., Mailbox 110
Alexandria, VA 22314 

For immediate assistance, please send an email to

Your Impact with ZERO

With your help, ZERO is building communities of support across the country to ensure no one faces prostate cancer alone. Together, we are saving lives.

in debt relief for patients who had nowhere else to turn.
patients received free, expert case management through ZERO360.
individuals in local support groups, mentorship, and online communities.
No One Fights Alone