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Become a hero today! Join our Blue Ribbon Circle community by making a monthly gift and supporting prostate cancer patients year-round.

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Welcome to the Blue Ribbon Circle, a vibrant group of compassionate givers dedicated to making a difference all year long for patients in need! Join our community today and be part of something extraordinary.

Your monthly gift ensures no patient faces their journey alone and unlocks amazing benefits:


  • Receive a special welcome gift as a token of our appreciation for joining the club!
  • Enjoy personal access to a dedicated ZERO team member who will assist you with all things Blue Ribbon.
  • Get exclusive pricing for select events, ensuring you never miss out on the fun.
  • Stay in the loop with exciting news updates that showcase the impact of your donation.
  • Celebrate your commitment with digital shout-outs from ZERO throughout the year
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I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in late 2019. I’m now 3+ years cancer free. When I was diagnosed, I didn’t understand all the treatment options and I didn’t know where to turn to for that information. ZERO Prostate Cancer solved that with the help of monthly donors.

— David (Mac) McElhaney
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For any questions about joining the Blue Ribbon Circle and becoming a part of our caring community, please reach out to our Donor Relations Manager.