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Prostate Cancer News

This page features general updates about prostate cancer, research and studies, hot topics, news articles and editorials. You also might be interested in ZERO’s Blog, which features inspiring stories, commentary, and insight into news and current events from contributors throughout the prostate cancer community.

Bethesda Health Clinic receives grant to help fight prostate cancer

Tyler Morning Telegraph /
Bethesda Health Clinic has received a $33,000 grant from ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk-Tyler. The grant will fund prostate cancer care, education and awareness, and free prostate specific antigen (PSA) screenings. This is the third time ...

Ink Against Cancer: Tattoos for a good cause in Salt Lake City

Dozens of people across Salt Lake City decided to get a tattoo on Saturday as a symbol to fight against cancer. Proceeds from the “Ink Against Cancer” fundraiser will help 11 families struggling with the ...

Healthy You: Tips to lower cancer risks when grilling

It’s summertime and chances are you’re heading outside more often to enjoy dining and socializing around the backyard grill. Not to douse anyone’s passion for grilling, but research shows that people who eat lots of ...

Urine test can help diagnose aggressive prostate cancer

Recent research has revealed that a new urine test can detect aggressive prostate cancer cases that need treatment up to 5 years sooner than other diagnostic methods. Researchers from the University of East Anglia (UEA) ...

Prostate cancer at 36: Treatment, recovery and trying to start a family

Eight years ago, at the age of 36, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Before my diagnosis, I often measured the quality of my life by comparing myself to others. My mates had more successful ...

UMC’s new prostate cancer gel could reduce number of radiation visits fo...

University Medical Center is praising a new hydrogel oncologist say could reduce the number of radiation treatments for prostate cancer patients; from 30-45 to 5-16 treatments. UMC’s Radiation Oncology team has introduced the SpaceOAR hydrogel ...

Dementia tied to hormone-blocking prostate cancer treatment

CHICAGO (AP) — Alzheimer’s disease may be a risk for older prostate cancer patients given hormone-blocking treatment, a large, U.S. government-funded analysis found. Previous evidence has been mixed on whether the treatment might be linked ...

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