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Treatment for Advanced Cancer

Stage IV prostate cancer is cancer that has spread or metastasized. Cancer metastases results from a primary prostate cancer tumor that has spread to other parts of the body such as the bones, brain, lungs, and liver via varying routes including the circulatory system, lymphatic system, or skeletal structure. Prostate cancer frequently spreads to the bones. Bone metastases causes severe pain and is characterized by a dull, constant ache with periodic spikes of pain.  Watch our expert medical oncologist, Alicia Morgans, discuss treatment options for advanced prostate cancer.

Hormone therapy is an important treatment for men with advanced prostate cancer. Many treatments for patients with metastatic prostate cancer are relatively new. These include immunotherapy and targeted therapy options. For more information on immunotherapy, visit the immunotherapy section of our website. For more information on targeted therapy, visit the targeted therapy section.

To learn more about all types of treatment, such as hormone therapy and radiation, available for prostate cancer, visit the treatment section of our website.

Watch as ZERO’s CEO, Jamie Bearse, discusses new prostate cancer treatment news:


Listen to our archived webinar, Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatments – Insights from a Provider and Patient, as Dr. Morgans from Northwestern University and Col. Paul Taylor discuss treatment options, managing side effects, and clinical trials.

Visit the ZERO newsroom for more prostate cancer news.

Clinical Trials for Advanced Disease

Clinical trials are investigational studies that are conducted to find new treatments in the fight against prostate cancer. The drug development process can take many years and is well regulated by federal agencies.  Many times, participation in a clinical trial is a way to receive a promising new drug that has not yet been approved by the FDA.  Several new drugs are currently under investigation for advanced prostate cancer. Click here for more information about clinical trials, including those that are recruiting participants.