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As part of its Speaking Out video series, on behalf of Fans for the Cure, CURE® spoke with Tony Crispino about seeking support after a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Kristie L. Kahl: What are some areas outside of treatment, like the psychosocial effects from prostate cancer, that can occur?

Tony Crispino: Well, that's a mixed bag of tricks. A patient can be diagnosed early and a patient can be diagnosed late. And there's a myriad of emotions ranging from fear and anxiety to depression. So it's a full myriad. And it's very difficult to pick up where a patient was in their life when they start their diagnosis to begin with. So it's very important to try to understand the patient's mental state during a diagnosis. And it's very important for the patient himself to understand their mental state through their journey with prostate cancer.

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Source: KRISTIE L. KAHL - CURE Today