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The Ask the Doctor Series is a 4-part educational literature and video series, in partnership with Pfizer Oncology and Dr. Arnold Bullock, Urologist and Professor of Surgery, and Dr. Lannis Hall, Director of Radiation Oncology, both of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. Below are the four pieces of educational literature, along with the short videos highlighting each of these very important topics in prostate cancer.

Screenings for High Risk Men

Black men, military Veterans, and men with a family history are at the highest risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Understand your risk, as well as how genetic testing may impact prostate cancer.

Ask the Doctor – Prostate Cancer Screening for High-Risk Men

Biomarkers & Family History

A biomarker is a molecule found in blood, body fluids, or tissues that can signal a normal or abnormal process, or a condition or disease. Learn how biomarker tests can help in both the diagnosis of prostate cancer and the decision on treatment.

Ask the Doctor – Prostate Cancer Biomarkers and Family Hist…

Shared Decision Making

Shared decision making is when cancer patients and their healthcare providers make decisions on care together. Prostate cancer patients should be asked for input and fully understand the risks, benefits, pros, and cons of treatment.

Ask the Doctor – Shared Decision Making

Living with Prostate Cancer

Survivorship and living with prostate cancer means continuous and routine screening and discovering new ways to adapt to life after diagnosis. You are not alone. More than 3.1 million men are living with prostate cancer in the United States.

Ask the Doctor – Living with Prostate Cancer

Funding and support for Ask The Doctor is provided by Pfizer Oncology.