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For the Newly Diagnosed

Have You Been Recently Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer?

Hearing the words you have cancer can be overwhelming. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, in addition to your fears, you probably have many questions. You may not know where to turn. We at ZERO are here to help you navigate your journey forward.

In most cases, prostate cancer is a very slow-growing disease and once you have been diagnosed there is time to gather information, consider your options, and make a plan. The overall five-year survival rate for prostate cancer from 2009 – 2015 was 99 percent1. This means that a man diagnosed with prostate cancer in that time period had a 99 percent chance of being alive five years later.

First Steps

Download our Newly Diagnosed Toolkit. This free, 42-page toolkit focuses on the basics of your prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment options, lifestyle changes, and support resources. It also includes advice and words of wisdom from men who are fighting the disease or who’ve won their battles.



Other resources available for newly diagnosed men:

You Are Not Alone, ZERO is Here to Help You

Have hope. Prostate cancer is a treatable and manageable disease. Learn all about this disease in this 101 explainer.  Regardless of the stage of your disease, you have options for treatment. Today there are more than 3.1 million prostate cancer survivors in the U.S.

This section of our website is dedicated to you as you create a plan for managing your prostate cancer. Our website and resources will give you what you need to know now and throughout your prostate cancer journey.

If you have been diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer, also called localized, prostate cancer (Stages I and II) visit our localized cancer section to learn more, download helpful information, watch videos, and become informed.

If you have been diagnosed with advanced, or metastatic, prostate cancer (Stages III and IV) visit our advanced disease section for more information and resources to become informed.

Click the image on the left to download our Prostate 101 brochure. If you would like any quantity of the brochures mailed to your address for your family, community, or medical facility, you only have to call us.

We are available to answer your questions or help you determine next steps. Call ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer at 888-245-9455 or email us at info@zerocancer.org.

You may have many things on your mind. Use our website and other resources to guide your discussions with loved ones and your health care team. Explore our website to learn about different topics that may be relevant to you or a loved one.


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Find out how ZERO360 can help after you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

[1] Cancer Facts and Figures 2020