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Stuart Kilgore

When Stuart Kilgore’s annual check-up revealed an elevated PSA in September of 2012, he was only 51 years old. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer following a biopsy. After conducting extensive research and speaking to both a radiation oncologist and to his doctor about chemotherapy, Stuart decided on a radical prostatectomy. His doctors all agreed: because he was young, he should have the surgery.

During his surgery, his doctor discovered that although his cancer had not metastasized to the bone, it had spread to some lymph nodes, which needed to be removed. About a month later and for months afterward, Stuart had recurring complications that would result in repeated laser therapy, doctor’s visits, and side effects he endures to this day.

Throughout his journey, Stuart credits his wife as his support system, often asking questions he didn’t think of himself and accompanying him to all of his appointments. Even with his wife by his side, Stuart found he wanted to speak to other men who were going through a similar experience. So, two years ago, he found the ZERO Run/Walk in San Diego and started to volunteer.

Anyone going through a prostate cancer journey should have a support system or someone in their life to lean on. My wife held that role for me, and I am eternally glad she did.

At his first event he was able to speak to a man about their prostate cancer journeys, and each year since he’s met more patients and survivors, sharing his story and hearing theirs. Stuart hopes that sharing his story with other men will help them the same way hearing other men’s stories has helped him.