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Malcolm Carmine

Before he was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer at age 49 in May 2014, Malcolm Carmine received misdiagnoses from two separate doctors. With metastases on his hip and ribs, Malcolm began hormone therapy prior to starting chemotherapy in October 2014; he had metastases on his hip and ribs. When he finished his final cycle of chemo in early 2015 – despite several unforeseen complications – his doctors gave him good news: his metastases were gone and the chemo had done its job.

When I found out how aggressive my prostate cancer was, I wanted to be as aggressive to it as it was to me.

Malcolm has since undergone ongoing hormone therapy to treat his disease. His PSA remains at undetectable levels, and there is no sign of recurrence in his bones. With two sons also at risk for the disease, Malcolm has undergone genomic testing to discover the causes of his cancer. He now advocates for early detection and is dedicated to raising awareness.

After his initial diagnosis, Malcolm adopted a healthier diet and lifestyle to get in the best shape possible to fight his cancer. He maintains a positive attitude and credits his medical team, support group, family, wife, and his faith with keeping him going during the toughest parts of his battle. Though he was at first discouraged that no one in his support group had undergone treatment for advanced prostate cancer, Malcolm now serves as an inspiration to those men by sharing his story and positivity.

Stage IV prostate cancer is not curable, so I know this disease will eventually catch up with me. But until then, I don’t have an expiration date, and I try to stay as positive as I can at all times.

Years ago, Malcolm had no idea he could be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now, this Navy veteran refuses to let his cancer define him. When asked what keeps him going, he’ll tell you it’s his positive attitude, which is boundless, and his wife, who has attended every appointment and provided endless support. He has taken up the torch of spreading awareness in his community, ensuring that other men are aware of the need to know their risk for the disease.

Recently, Malcolm’s bone and PET scan revealed zero evidence of disease. In addition to the treatment he underwent, he credits the power of positive thinking and is thankful for his second chance with his family.

I don’t allow my cancer to define who I am. I define who I am.