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Jerry Woolverton

Jerry knew prostate cancer could be in his future after he watched his father battle and beat the disease. After years of testing, he was diagnosed at 48 with a very aggressive form of prostate cancer.

Due to his young age and rising PSA, Jerry and his doctors decided to move forward with a prostatectomy. Nine months later, his PSA began rising again. His prostate cancer was back, and this time they treated it with radiation and hormone therapy. Over the years, Jerry has treated his disease with other treatments including chemotherapy. He also enrolled in a clinical trial at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

I find that prostate cancer is very misunderstood – it’s not just an old man’s disease, and I am evidence of that. I want to do whatever I can to help educate men so they are tested earlier and more aware of their risk and what that means.

After nine years of battling prostate cancer, Jerry is now facing a terminal diagnosis. Yet Jerry remains positive and is putting his energy into raising awareness and funds for a cure, so that no man will experience the awful cancer journey he’s undergone.

When his long-time friends Jim and Cynthia McAndrew told him they were bringing a ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk to Tyler, Jerry immediately jumped on board. In just a few weeks, he became the event’s top fundraiser. So far, he has raised nearly $16,000 with his team, the Woolverton Warriors. Jerry is not battling alone. He has a supportive community of neighbors, family, and friends who are all rallying behind him, Jerry is truly selfless in his pursuit to help others and has donated a significant amount of his own money to ZERO with a $5,000 pledge that was matched in just a matter of days.

With his beloved three daughters, three sons, and his wife Kelley, there is so much more living Jerry wants to do. While Jerry fights for his own life, he is a warrior fighting for a cure to put an end to the disease once and for all. His hope is that by sharing his own personal story, he can save lives and eliminate the pain and suffering for other men.

Men don’t like to talk about their health, but they need to know – especially young men – that prostate cancer is a real threat and can be very aggressive. I encourage men to be tested, to do their own research, and to read all they can. I’m doing what I can to help that mission along.

Sadly, Jerry lost his battle with prostate cancer in September 2017. He was an incredible member of the ZERO family and will be missed greatly; he will always be our ZERO Hero.