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Digital Media Kit

Journalists and influencers can utilize this digital media kit to help spread the lifesaving message that early detection saves lives.

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ZERO Prostate Cancer is encouraging all men to learn about prostate cancer risks and promote early detection. More than 3.3 million men are living with prostate cancer, making it the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American men, and one of the leading causes of cancer deaths among men.

This page features soundbites below available for download from Courtney Bugler, CEO and President of ZERO, and La Shawn K. Ford, a prostate cancer survivor. Additional features include updated prostate cancer statistics, a press release, and information about ZERO Prostate Cancer.

For more information and media inquiries, please contact Scott Meeks.

What you need to know about Prostate Cancer

Every 2 minutes
a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer.
1 in 8
will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetimes.
Black men are 2X
more likely to be diagnosed with and die from prostate cancer than White men.
Facts and statistics

Download soundbites from La Shawn K. Ford

La Shawn K. Ford is an Illinois State Representative, a father, and a prostate cancer survivor. He received an aggressive prostate cancer diagnosis at just 48 years old. Understanding that Black men are twice as likely to be diagnosed and die from prostate cancer, Ford is passionate about making sure men understand their risk factors.

Download soundbites from Courtney Bugler

Courtney Bugler is no stranger to cancer. Her father is a prostate cancer survivor and she is a breast cancer survivor. Understanding that one in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, Bugler’s mission is to ensure that men get screened, and if they are diagnosed, ZERO Prostate Cancer is there to help.

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