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Rep. La Shawn K. Ford

8th District Representative
Illinois House of Representatives
Illinois Rep. La Shawn Ford sitting at his desk

Elected in 2007 to the Illinois House of Representatives representing the 8th District, Rep. La Shawn K. Ford is an outspoken advocate for his constituents. Rep. Ford is focused on social justice and disparities in employment, education, and the healthcare system. He has also worked to increase opportunities for ex-offenders, foster small business development, improve access to affordable housing, expand protections for our veterans, safeguard our environment and address our state’s fiscal health. 

Rep. Ford is a firm believer in the power of responsible parenting and established the Council on Responsible Fatherhood, which aims to support fathers and help them to become more responsible and present. He consistently advocates for increased access to financial resources and institutions for marginalized communities and promotes the value of education among students in his district.