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by Renee Haney   |   May 6, 2021

A Mother’s Day Wish: Generation ZERO

I am a mother of one girl and three boys. Paige, Preston, Payton, and Parker.  My oldest recently asked me, “Mom, what do you want for mother’s day? I thought about what I would really want and the one thing I could come up with was for my three boys to see Generation ZERO!

Renee’s husband Gary along with his parents Sue and Gary at a ZERO Run/Walk.

You are probably aware that anyone with a family history of prostate cancer has an increased risk for being diagnosed. My family has been hit hard with prostate cancer on all sides. I lost my grandfather Martin to prostate cancer. My husband’s grandfather Ted lost his battle to prostate cancer. My husband’s father Gary had a prostatectomy, and is now doing well.

Renee and her sister Kristin with their Grandfather Martin

I will never forget the day that my dad Greg called me to tell me that his biopsy showed cancer. I was worried, but went into the caregiver role of finding out everything that I could about his diagnosis. I started asking my dad a ton of questions because I was not with him, as I live in New Jersey and he lives in Michigan. I realized that he would get through this, and I would be right by his side to help him through his journey. I also knew that I had so many helpful resources for him here at ZERO, from the downloadable newly diagnosed toolkit to the “What To Ask Your Doctor” print-out.

Two weeks later I got the news that my step-father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. This was a complete shock. He had gone to the doctor for an unrelated matter that turned out to be nothing, but the PET Scan showed something was going on with his prostate. He had a biopsy and was diagnosed.  

Renee’s father Greg.

Thankfully, both my dad and step-dad are now doing well after their proton therapy treatments that were completed about a year and a half ago.

As you can see, my three boys have prostate cancer all around them. I was absolutely worried when prostate cancer was hitting my family that my boys were at an increased risk. As a mother, my children are my whole world and I can’t imagine having anything happen to them, let alone prostate cancer.  

Renee’s kids from left to right: Paige, Parker, Preston,  and Payton.

My wish this Mother’s Day is that no mother has to lose their son to prostate cancer. I will continue to fight for all of the mothers that have lost their son to this disease and for all of the wives that have had to tell their kids that their father has prostate cancer. I will continue with our mission to End Prostate Cancer so no man has to fight this battle alone, and I will continue to fight and follow my passion to raise awareness and create generation ZERO for my boys and for all of your boys!

Please join me this Mother’s Day to make it your mission to educate your sons on the importance of prostate cancer screening. Consider making a donation to ZERO today to help someone’s son, brother, father, grandfather, any man battling the disease. All donations made through June 30th are doubled which means twice as many patients and their families will receive the assistance they need.