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Patients and Survivors Lead the Conversation in Faces of Hope Campaign for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Washington, D.C. – Every 20 minutes we lose another American man from prostate cancer. That’s a little more than 71 deaths per day and 26,120 this year, enough to fill a baseball stadium. While that is a decline from the 2015 statistic of every 19 minutes, the need to educate and create awareness around prostate cancer is critical. Statistics can only tell part of the story. That’s why ZERO is shining a light on the men who are battling this disease in a new campaign for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month called Faces of Hope.

In partnership with Astellas / Medivation, ZERO’s Faces of Hope campaign will tell the stories of twenty men, who are currently battling the disease or consider themselves prostate cancer survivors. These profiles will be featured on social media to promote real, everyday images and expressions of hope with #FacesofHope. The face of prostate cancer can look very different: from fathers of young children in the prime of their lives to 65-year-old men excited to enjoy retirement and spend time with their grandchildren. While nearly 2.9M American men currently live with the disease, there is still reluctance to discuss prostate cancer more publicly. These stories send a clear message of hope, that no man should face prostate cancer alone.

“There are many men who think they won’t get prostate cancer, or that it isn’t something they want to talk about,” says Warren Foster, one of ZERO’s Faces of Hope. “When I was diagnosed, it felt like I was standing on a football field all by myself. I got involved with ZERO and raising awareness, because I wanted to help other men from feeling the same way.”

To meet the men in Faces of Hope, visit ZERO’s Facebook page: facebook.com/zerocancer or visit ZERO’s new website zerocancer.org. ZERO’s recently launched site features educational materials on all stages of the disease, local and national resources for the men and their families, as well as a community of patients, survivors, and loved ones who share their prostate cancer journeys.

To further boost awareness during September, ZERO is hosting sixteen run/walks in communities across the country. Since it’s inception almost a decade ago, the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk Series has raised more than $10M toward lifesaving treatments and awareness. ZERO anticipates more than 8,000 event participants at these September races alone, an increase from 2015 attendance.

“The run/walk series serves as a special gathering place for those affected by prostate cancer. We’re not only creating awareness, we’re creating a community where men and their loved ones can share their experiences and hope with one another,” says Jamie Bearse, ZERO’s CEO and President. “We meet many faces of hope at our events and they are who we fight for.”

In addition to the run/walk events, ZERO hosted the second Annual ZERO Congressional BBQ on September 8th to engage members of Congress and their staff to keep prostate cancer research in the foreground of policy efforts.

ZERO has teamed up with several organizations this September to spread awareness about prostate cancer to men across the country. ZERO will host an educational webinar in partnership with Us TOO, which will cover current treatments, management of side effects, and clinical trials for advanced prostate cancer. ZERO is also the featured non-profit partner of Mustache Vineyards, a member of Social Impact Wines, and SPiN, a network of international ping pong social clubs, this September. To learn more about ZERO’s partners, visit zerocancer.org/fight/become-a-partner.


CONTACT: Kirsten Spittel, 202-303-3104, Kirsten@zerocancer.org

About ZERO — The End of Prostate Cancer
ZERO — The End of Prostate Cancer is the leading national nonprofit with the mission to end prostate cancer and help all who are impacted. ZERO advances research, provides support, and creates solutions to achieve health equity to meet the most critical needs of our community. From early detection to survivorship, ZERO is the premier resource for prostate cancer patients and their families to access comprehensive support, make meaningful connections, and take action to save lives. Our dedicated national and chapter staff is joined with a growing team of passionate volunteer champions to increase advocacy, awareness, and community engagement to ZERO out prostate cancer. ZERO is recognized with four out of four stars by Charity Navigator and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. ZERO spends more on programs than any other prostate cancer charity, dedicating 85 cents of every dollar to support, education, and research.