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New Data Highlights Troubling Trends for Prostate Cancer Diagnoses


Jessica Fetrow

For decades, Black men remain significantly more likely to be diagnosed with and die from prostate cancer than white men

Washington, D.C., Jan. 14, 2022A new report shows that prostate cancer continues to be one of the most prevalent cancers among men nationwide, showing a decrease in prostate cancer mortality rate yet an increase in incidence and diagnoses. Notably, the report shows that Black men with prostate cancer continue to face disproportionate diagnosis and mortality rates, with Black men remaining almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than white men, and more than twice as likely to die from the disease.  

“The 2022 cancer facts and figures highlight several troubling trends. It’s disappointing that the decline in prostate cancer mortality rates are slowing while incidence continues to rise each year due in part to the more conservative USPSTF recommendations made in 2018,” said Jamie Bearse, ZERO CEO and President. “The need for more education and access around screening is urgently needed. It’s especially worrisome among Black men who are twice as likely to die from a ‘low risk’ disease. After two years into the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in paused treatments and testing, it’s crucial to make sure all men have access to quality care and early detection.”

According to the recent report published by the American Cancer Society, the rate of advanced diagnosis increased by 4%-6% annually from 2014 – 2018. The incidence of prostate cancer is almost 73% higher in Black men than white men. 

As the nation’s leading nonprofit in the fight against prostate cancer, ZERO recognizes that only when we can solve the growing health equity divide for those with the highest risk, can we end this disease together. To achieve this, ZERO formed a Racial Disparities Task Force and recently hired Reginald Tucker-Seeley, MA, ScM, ScD, a leading public health and cancer researcher, as ZERO’s Vice President of Health Equity.  

The Black Men’s Prostate Cancer Initiative (the “Initiative”) is part of ZERO’s health equity effort to address the racial/ethnic disparities in prostate cancer experienced by Black Men. The Initiative is a program that includes support groups and education and awareness activities to help Black men as they manage prostate cancer and navigate the cancer care delivery system. The Initiative also provides a pathway for linking Black men to ZERO’s direct support programs such as ZERO360, ZERO Drive, and ZERO MENtor to provide critical financial and emotional resources.

“Black men have a higher prostate cancer incidence and mortality compared to other racial/ethnic groups. The sorting of money, knowledge, power, and social connections by race contribute to sustaining these differences and influence how we navigate cancer care,” said Reggie Tucker-Seeley, ZERO’s Vice President of Health Equity. ​​”We must decide that these differences are no longer tolerable or acceptable and commit to eliminating racial/ethnic disparities in prostate cancer.”

ZERO Champion and MENtor Tony Minter has been involved with prostate cancer advocacy since 2012. As a prostate cancer survivor, he has made it his mission to provide support, education, and awareness within his community and throughout the nation.

“I was treated for prostate cancer and decided at that time that I wanted to do whatever I could to educate men about this disease,” said Minter. “Being an African American male, it became apparent to me that we suffered from prostate cancer in greater numbers and it was far more severe, and a part of that had to do with lack of education, lack of resources, and lack of access to resources. I thought maybe it would be good if I became that person who talked about prostate cancer.”

ZERO is combating the rising statistics by making prostate cancer screenings affordable and accessible. Additionally, ZERO works to educate and provide support resources among high-risk communities like Veterans, who have a risk of prostate cancer that’s about double that of civilians.

To join the fight against prostate cancer, sign up for the 2022 Virtual ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit. For more information, support, and resources in the fight against prostate cancer, visit zerocancer.org. Read the referenced report here.

About ZERO — The End of Prostate Cancer
ZERO — The End of Prostate Cancer is the leading national nonprofit with the mission to end prostate cancer and help all who are impacted. ZERO advances research, provides support, and creates solutions to achieve health equity to meet the most critical needs of our community. From early detection to survivorship, ZERO is the premier resource for prostate cancer patients and their families to access comprehensive support, make meaningful connections, and take action to save lives. Our dedicated national and chapter staff is joined with a growing team of passionate volunteer champions to increase advocacy, awareness, and community engagement to ZERO out prostate cancer. ZERO is recognized with four out of four stars by Charity Navigator and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. ZERO spends more on programs than any other prostate cancer charity, dedicating 85 cents of every dollar to support, education, and research.

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