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Online Us TOO Prostate Cancer Support Community

Together we're better - Us TOO Prostate Cancer Support Community CLICK HERE to visit the Us TOO Online Prostate Cancer Support Group and Discussion Community on Inspire.

Us TOO International is pleased to announce the launch of our new online community, the Us TOO Prostate Cancer Support Community, in partnership with Inspire. Inspire is a leader in building safe and secure online health communities to connect patients, families, friends, caregivers and health professionals for health and wellness support.

This new web-based community will operate in addition to the long-standing Prostate Pointers email discussion lists, and provides new tools to find – or offer – information and support. For example, in addition to participating in discussion threads, members will be able to create a personal blog, and post pictures and videos. The community allows members complete control over their privacy choices – you can be as open or as anonymous as you wish.

The discussion topics include:

  • Newly diagnosed
  • Treatment options
  • Active surveillance
  • Managing side effects
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Wives, family, friends and caregivers
  • Prostate cancer and intimacy
  • Screening and early detection
  • Recurrence / advanced disease
  • Military veterans/Agent Orange
  • Clinical trials
  • Advocacy
  • Local support group leaders
  • In Memoriam

Using new, innovative technology for networking

Us TOO was founded on the model of peer-to-peer support, so these safe, secure online communities are a way extend reach and support for those who may not have a support group chapter nearby. Nowadays, we can all be virtual neighbors in the prostate cancer patient and survivor community. Many of you have great initiative and passion, and your willingness to engage others in conversation about these important subjects will help not only you, but MANY couples in finding options and solutions as you each navigate your personal prostate cancer journeys.

We hope you will find these communities a private, respectful place for open dialogue among people from all backgrounds and relationships.

Getting Started

Read the “Guide for New Us TOO Prostate Cancer Support Community Members” here

Read the “Guide to Inspire for New Members” here

The new web-based Us TOO Prostate Cancer Support Community can be found at http://ustoo.inspire.com or from the Us TOO website at .

Additional Resources

  • Prostate Pointers– moderated email discussion lists on 14 difference prostate cancer-related topics
  • PCAI wiki– a collection of articles focused on intimacy and sexuality in the context of prostate cancer
  • RP-Help wiki – important and useful information for those contemplating RP surgery, and those dealing with post-surgical issues