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A well-prepared advocate is an effective advocate. The Advocate Education Hub is your one-stop show for all your prostate cancer advocacy needs.

On this page you can find the 2023 Advocate Guide, videos to help you better understand the issues we are advocating about, and even an example of what a meeting will look like.

Note: While many of these videos are from previous years, and each year the specific budget requests we're making change, the core information is still applicable.

PDF Preview: 2023 Summit Advocate Guide

Advocate Guide

The ZERO Summit advocacy guide has everything you need to understand the policy priorities we'll be discussing during our meetings in D.C.

While many of the videos on this page are from previous years, and our specific requests vary based on what is most urgent currently in the healthcare landscape, the core information is still applicable.

In this education hub, you'll learn all about the logistics of research funding, key programs and stakeholders, and what the most urgently needs are for empowering the early detection and new treatments that can save lives.

Capitol Building
Key Background

Appropriations 101

Much of the conversation around prostate cancer research comes down to dollars and cents. But how does the federal government funding process work?

Susan Sweat explains the Federal appropriations process — both how it’s supposed to work and how it works in the real world — breaking down what you need to understand when asking elected officials about funding research.

Policy Priority 1: Funding for the Prostate Cancer Research Program

Requesting PCRP Funding: Learn what the Prostate Cancer Research Program is, why we support funding for it, and how to use your story to advocate in support of this important research investment.

Infographics: Explaining the Prostate Cancer Research Program

Policy Priority 2: Funding for Prostate Cancer Activities at the CDC

About the CDC Funding Request: What, exactly, does the CDC do for prostate cancer? Learn how their efforts help to increase prostate cancer knowledge in high-risk populations and to decrease racial and ethnic disparities in prostate cancer outcomes.

PDF Preview: CDC Funding Request One-Pager
Policy Background

The CDC & Prostate Cancer

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) supports state health departments' prostate cancer activities including educational outreach about early detection, as well as research, surveillance, and outreach initiatives.

Policy Priority 3: The PSA Screening for HIM Act

About the PSA Screening for HIM Act Request: The PSA Screening for HIM Act is an important priority for the 2023 Summit. Learn what the bill does and what your elected officials can do to help. Please note, this video was recorded before H.R. 1826, the PSA Screening for HIM Act was introduced in 2023. The information is still relevant, but we’re no longer looking for someone to introduce the bill!

PSA Testing – Controversy, Clarity, and Counsel: The PSA test is the old reliable for prostate cancer screening, so you might wonder why we have to fight so hard to ensure men have access to it.  This video offers background information you might find useful in understanding the need for the PSA Screening for HIM Act and our ZERO Cost to Prostate Cancer Screening Initiative.

PDF Preview: PSA for HIM Act Infographic

PSA for HIM Act

Most instances of prostate cancer are initially detected with the PSA blood test. We advocate for common-sense legislation to eliminate barriers to early detection by removing co-pays for testing in the highest-risk populations.

Policy Priority 4: The PC-CARE Act

About the PC-CARE Act Request: Our newest priority legislative effort, the PC-CARE Act helps to ensure that research is directed to the most important issues in prostate cancer and that all funders are working in a coordinated way.

Please note, the video refers to this bill as “coming soon,” but H.R. 1315 was introduced shortly after it was recorded.

PDF Preview: 2023 PC CARE Act One-Pager
Policy Background


To maximize the impact of limited funding, everyone needs to be on the same page. The PC-CARE Act will establish a coordinating committee that brings together NIH, CDC, DoD, VA, and others to efficiently steward federal research investments.

Senator Cory Booker Meets Summit Advocates
See it in Action

Example Meeting

Nervous about your Capitol Hill meetings? Here’s your chance to see one in action. During the 2021 Summit, ZERO staff recorded an actual virtual meeting so advocates can have the chance to know what to expect, mute button failures and all.