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ZERO360 is a free, comprehensive patient support service to help patients and their families navigate insurance and financial obstacles to cover treatment and other critical needs associated with cancer.


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Online & Live Streaming

Your voice is mighty! Sure, not everyone is a professional “influencer,” veteran streamer, or social starlet, but you don’t have to be famous to have a vast impact. No matter who you are, you can create a successful virtual fundraiser and help ZERO Out prostate cancer!

Every day, prostate cancer patients are falling through the cracks. If not for your help, I would have been one of them.
Carl, helped overcome 6 months of insurance denials

Are you a chef? Musician? Exercise buff, comedian, gamer, or golfer? Or do you find yourself casually browsing Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram? If so, then virtual fundraising is for you! put your creativity on display, spread the word on your social network, and let’s make a difference for prostate cancer patients who need help because of COVID-19.

Next Steps

If you’re already an established streamer looking for a guide to create your own fundraiser, along with graphics, facts about prostate cancer, and more, our Player ZERO streaming toolkit has everything you need to add a charity stream to your channel. For those who are new to streaming, already know about prostate cancer, and are interested in adding virtual fundraising to your activities, check out our ZERO GoLive! page for information about streaming/online fundraising, and an overview of how to get started.

Should I start using <insert new website/tool here>?
Go where your passion lies and your audience is established. Sometimes it makes sense to branch out, but new technologies and platforms can take time to get started.

Besides, even the most established social influencers still rely heavily on traditional methods like email, posting on other social media channels, sharing pictures, uploading videos, blogging, phone calls, selling crafts, or doing offline meet-ups. Technology is a means to an end, and being yourself is what matters most (whether you’re a live streamer or your digital life stays firmly within Facebook/Twitter/Instagram).

What will I be doing?
Be Yourself! You know your audience better than anyone, and they want YOU. The funds you’ll raise are hugely important for patients who have nowhere else to turn, but in the end your donors often are giving more to support you and your passion than they are specifically interested in prostate cancer. So whatever activities you choose, have fun with it, share your life, and choose activities that revolve around what’s authentically you.
What is a livestream?
At its simplest form, a live video broadcast where the person on camera reacts in realtime to their viewers (feedback usually comes in some form of text chat). If you’ve seen a Facebook live, GoToMeeting Webinar, or noticed comments scrolling up the side of the page of a YouTube video, that’s essentially it.

Often when people talk about an individual as a “streamer,” they’re referring to someone who livestreams on a regular basis using broadcasting software to add advanced features to their live videos. These livestreamers often stick to websites like Twitch or YouTube, which have monetization features allowing viewers to send the performer money, subscribe to future shows, and collaborate with advertising businesses. It’s a bit like a regular television show, with the most successful streamers’ “channels” providing enough income to work on the websites as a full-time performer.

Should I start playing video games?
If that’s your passion, sure. But if you’ve never gamed before, there are plenty of other options worth considering. Even amongst full-time professional streamers, roughly a third of them are non-gamers, including artists, musicians, public speakers, political activists, or some other topic.
Are any topics off-limits?
It’s all about YOU, so anything you’d say or do in person is likely appropriate when you’re online, too. Let common sense be your guide: don’t do anything illegal or harmful to others, violate the terms and conditions of the social network you’re using, or give medical advice if you’re not a doctor. And if you’re a ZERO employee or an official ZERO Champion, the same guidelines and expectations are in place that you’d have anywhere else you’re representing the organization.