Federal Prostate Cancer Research Funding

The Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) takes a high-risk, high-reward approach that has been extremely impactful in discovering new treatments. Since 1996, our advocates have been fighting to protect and expand these crucial funds, taking it from $45 million in 1997 to $110 million in 2023. 

Rep. Jack Bergman speaks with prostate cancer patient and caregiver

Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP)

The Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) is part of the Department of Defense's Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP). The CDMRP conducts research into militarily relevant diseases and health issues, ranging from prostate cancer to traumatic brain injuries.

The PCRP is focused on eradicating prostate cancer by promoting:

  • Highly innovative, groundbreaking research;
  • High-impact research with near-term clinical relevance;
  • The next generation of prostate cancer investigators through mentored research; and
  • Resources that will facilitate translational research

The PCRP prioritizes research that will: 1) develop treatments that improve outcomes for men with lethal prostate cancer; 2) reduce lethal prostate cancer in African Americans, Veterans, and other high-risk populations; 3) define the biology of lethal prostate cancer to reduce death; and, 4) improve the quality of life for survivors of prostate cancer.

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New Treatments

What has the PCRP Accomplished?

Since the program began, the PCRP has received over $2 billion in congressional appropriations, and over 3,600 proposals have been funded, leading to eight new treatments and diagnostics.

Part of what makes the PCRP so successful is its focus on "high-risk, high-reward" research, with an eye towards results that can have immediate impact to save lives.

To that end, the PCRP includes regular meetings of its Consumer Review Panel. This group brings patients and their caregivers together with healthcare experts for review of the projects funded by the program. By including those who are most deeply impacted by the disease, the panel evaluates opportunities on more than just clinical theory — choosing research that will make immediate, profound differences in the lived experience of those who face this disease.


Ensuring that the PCRP is funded is one of ZERO's top legislative priorities. Every year, we work tirelessly to lobby Congress for robust funding even in the most challenging legislative environments. Currently, PCRP funding is at $110 million for Fiscal Year 2023.

PCRP Funding History