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Eliminating Barriers to Early Detection

Out-of-pocket costs are an unnecessary barrier to discovering and addressing prostate cancer, and it has an outsized impact on lower-income, people of color, and those who don't have ready access to quality healthcare.

Early detection continues to be the most effective means to saving lives from prostate cancer. Breaking down barriers to screening (especially for patients at high risk) is one of our top priorities at both the federal and state levels. We aim to eliminate out of pocket costs for patients being screened for prostate cancer, no matter where they live.

Prostate cancer has remarkable similarity to other forms of cancer in terms of incidence, average age of new diagnoses, and mortality rates. But unlike other forms of disease, patients who get screened for prostate cancer often have to cover the costs of coinsurance, co-pays, deductibles, or denied coverage.

The Facts: Early Detection Saves Lives

99% of Patients

Are able to survive prostate cancer if its detected early

Barriers to Getting Screened

Often come down to out-of-pocket costs such as coinsurance, co-pays, and deductibles.

Black Men are 2X More Likely to Die

Chiefly due to a lack of access to testing and quality care.

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Early detection of prostate cancer saves lives. That is why I meet with my elected representatives to ensure that high-risk populations such as Black men can get tested early for prostate cancer, and with the fewest barriers possible.

— Eddie Wright
Bishop Eddie Wright

PSA Screening for HIM Act

On the Federal level, that effort currently takes the form of the PSA Screening for HIM Act, which would protect high-risk individuals from cost sharing in the form of copays, co-insurance, and deductibles.

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Early Detection Saves Lives

Federal Legislation

ZERO asks elected officials to support for simple, common-sense legislation that will eliminate the cost of screening for people who have high risk of developing prostate cancer.

ZERO Cost to Prostate Cancer Screening Initiative

As the most common form of cancer in men, prostate cancer screening should be affordable and accessible. ZERO leads legislation that will make prostate cancer screening free and accessible to all men. Early screening is the best preventative measure against the disease, which often presents no symptoms.

Barriers to Getting Screened

Can include out-of-pocket costs, such as coinsurance, co-pays, and deductibles, as well as transportation, awareness, and other challenges.


State Efforts

At the state level, ZERO leads the charge to connect with legislatures and introduce legislation to eliminate cost-sharing for prostate cancer screening. Our bold goal is to make screening free in 25 states by 2030.

Making Testing Free: Early Wins

GA state capitol

State Prostate Cancer Policy Action Center

Follow the link to see if your state currently has prostate cancer legislation in motion and take action!

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Getting involved in my state's effort to remove cost-sharing from prostate cancer screening was such an amazing opportunity. Not only did I help make an impact in the lives of men, but I became even more connected and active in my local prostate cancer community!

— Judy Berman, Caregiver
Judy Berman and Bob Thompson

Get involved: you can make a difference!  

Patient and caregiver stories make a difference! We need your voice to help improve access to testing without cost-sharing. By sharing your story, you’ll help:

  • Provide context to strengthen screening and incidence data
  • Give personal narratives that demonstrate the need to remove financial barriers to screening
  • Be part of a passionate and powerful community of advocates

ZERO’s state-by-state strategy to zero out costs for prostate cancer screening is now focused on California and Texas with additional states to come. Sign up for advocacy alerts to get involved and join us to pass legislation in state governments nationwide that promotes accessibility and affordability of prostate cancer screenings


Contact Ali Manson (, Vice President, Government Relations and Advocacy.