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September Newsletter

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Patients, survivors, caregivers, and loved ones, this is YOUR month. Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is a time when the prostate cancer community unites to ignite a beacon of hope and education. You can get involved by finding a ZERO event near you, taking the Am I at Risk Quiz, or visiting our website.

Kick off PCAM today by watching this special message from ZERO's President and CEO, Courtney Bugler.

Make an Impact

Make an Impact

At ZERO Prostate Cancer, we stand resolute in our commitment to spreading a message that resonates with unwavering urgency: Early Detection Saves Lives.

But we can't do it without you.

Advanced diagnoses are expected to rise this year, causing more men to face their fight much too late. Now is the time to come together to seize this pivotal moment to amplify awareness, to uplift those who are battling, and to ensure that more men are given a fighting chance. When you give today, your gift will be doubled. Your generous support will illuminate the path to a brighter future, as we champion the cause, spark conversations, and make vital PSA tests accessible to all. Give today to double your impact and save lives.

"Diagnosed at 48 with aggressive prostate cancer, I was nearly another statistic, another tragedy, and another life lost to this disease like too many before me. Early detection saved my life. As a survivor, advocate, and as someone who understands the pain caused by this disease, I'm urging you to join me in giving others a fighting chance in the battle against prostate cancer." - La Shawn K. Ford, Illinois State Representative, Father, ZERO Champion, and Prostate Cancer Survivor

Double Your Donation

Register for a Run/Walk in Your Community

Create a Free Plan For Your Future

ZERO is on track to hold 50 Run/Walks this year and take our community outreach to new heights. From New York City to Napa Valley, there are more than twenty Run/Walks happening across the country this month. Everyone is invited!

Check out this video to see some of the amazing patients, survivors, families and doctors who are taking a stand against prostate cancer in their communities. Click below to join a Run/Walk near you.

Register for A Run/Walk

Our Community Impact

Our Community Impact

2nd Annual Support Group Leader Training

The Second Annual Support Group Leader Training was held in Dallas, Texas on August 11 & 12. More than 60 Support Group Leaders (SGLs) attended, along with spouses/partners, industry partners, and ZERO staff. Program sessions were carefully designed to equip SGLs with the best, evidence-based information and for running an efficient and effective support group. Attendees learned the latest in prostate cancer treatment and diagnostics, how to work through difficult scenarios in support groups, and discussed the importance of mental health and emotional well-being. The event kicked off with a film screening of The Silent Killer, which is part of ZERO's Prostate Cancer in the Black Community Film Series. A panel discussion followed, highlighting the importance of authenticity when leading a group and some unique challenges that Black men impacted by prostate cancer face. If you are interested in starting a Prostate Cancer Support Group, visit our website.

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Legislative Update

Get Your Grow On For a Great Cause

It's been a busy summer for ZERO's Government Relations team, and getting busier as we head into PCAM! The exciting news is that in the coming weeks, Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and John Boozman (R-AR) will introduce a Senate version of the PSA Screening for HIM Act for the first time since the bill was first introduced in the House in 2019. The PSA Screening for HIM Act would ensure that men at high risk for prostate cancer can get screened at no cost, making it one of our core legislative priorities. Contact your elected representatives in both chambers of Congress to cosponsor this vital piece of legislation!

Contact Your Reps

On the state and local level, we have been hard at work to increase access to prostate cancer screenings. In California, the Senate Committee on Appropriations has an opportunity to move our bill AB 632 forward today. If you live in California, reach out to the members of the committee now to make sure they do not squander this opportunity!

In our nation's capital, the DC Council's Committee on Business and Economic Development will be holding a public hearing at the end of September on B25-0229, the Cost-Free Coverage for Prostate Cancer Screening Amendment Act of 2023. If you live in DC, please contact your council member to ask that they support this critical piece of legislation.

If you would like to learn how to raise awareness in your community, consider taking a look at our Proclamations Toolkit. With this convenient toolkit, you will learn everything you need to know about asking your local officials to designate September as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Did You Know...

Did You Know

  • ZERO Prostate Cancer Day is September 28th. We have lots planned for ZERO's biggest annual giving day, including the announcement of our Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Impact Award winner. Thank you to Lantheus for sponsoring this award.
  • We're tracking Scott Freitag, an inspiring Stage 4 prostate cancer patient, who is biking 11,000 miles across the country to fundraise for ZERO. Scott's brother has pledged to match up to $100,000 in donations!
  • ZERO has a brand new website with lots of new content. Head over to to check it out.

FDA Approvals

New FDA Approvals

New FDA Approvals for Prostate Cancer

In August, the FDA approved AKEEGA for adult patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) and a deleterious or suspected deleterious BRCA-positive mutated BRCA gene. This approval was based on the findings from the phase 3 MAGNITUDE trial which showed that AKEEGA plus prednisone improved radiographic progression-free survival.

Three days later, the FDA approved FoundationOne CDx as a companion diagnostic for AKEEGA. The FoundationOne CDx test uses a tissue sample to analyze more than 300 cancer-related genes for genomic alterations in a patient's tumor. These approvals continue to help pave the way for more exciting advances in personalized medicine for prostate cancer patients.

Clinical Study

TAMARACK Clinical Study

Macrogenics Sponsoring TAMARACK Clinical Study

Are you or a loved one battling metastatic prostate cancer? You may be eligible for Macrogenics' TAMARACK clinical study, which is studying antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) as a potential treatment. Learn more about the TAMARACK study, which is comparing dose levels for a potential ADC treatment option for metastatic prostate cancer and find out if you're eligible. » Learn more
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Facebook Live

PSMA PET Imaging

What's New in PSMA PET Imaging

Learn more about advancements in imaging technology and how this can change the course of your treatment. Blue Earth Diagnostics, Inc. has invited Dr. Alain Chaglassian, a Medical Director at Blue Earth, and Mark Franklin, a Blue Earth Diagnostics Patient Advocate, to share their expertise on prostate cancer care. After the discussion, a Q&A session will follow and will be open to all registrants to better learn about their treatment options. » Tune into the Facebook Live
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Spanish Resources

Hispanic Heritage Month & Health Equity

Hispanic Heritage Month & Health Equity

One of our core tenets at ZERO is making valuable resources accessible to anyone who needs them. We're pleased to announce we have increased our offering of translated materials from two to seven resources, just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month. We hope to expand our reach by breaking down language barriers to ensure everyone receives equitable healthcare. ZERO is proud to offer a Spanish Language Support Group as a support system for those affected by prostate cancer. Contact Jacob Martinez, for more information about the support group.» Access Our Resources

ADT Guide

Use Our New ADT Guide

Start the Conversation: Use Our New ADT Guide

It can be tough to decide the course of your treatment and you might not know where to start with the overwhelming amount of information. Keep it simple by using ZERO and Accord's Questions for Your Doctor Guide. It's an easy to read one-pager that has a list of sample questions you can ask your healthcare provider as a patient. » Read Our Guide
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Sex and Intimacy after Prostate Cancer

Navigating Sex and Intimacy after Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer treatment can bring changes to your sex life - it's pretty common. True North's guide to sex and intimacy can help you navigate the big questions and challenges. Explore topics such as ED, dry orgasms, leaking urine and communicating with a partner or spouse. Learn strategies to steer your sex life back on course. Built with insights from sex experts. Fueled by feedback from the prostate cancer community. » Learn More Today
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Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonial

"When I contacted ZERO360 I was at a complete loss and without any idea of how to proceed. Your representative was my most valuable help since cancer was first diagnosed for me. I thank her for everything she has done for me." - Robert » Learn about ZERO360



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