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Elevating the Voices of Invisible People

Dr. Reggie Tucker-Seely standing next to a woman at an event

The SCAN Foundation's inaugural summit in Burbank, California, launched its "Advancing Health Equity in Aging" initiative, targeting health inequities among marginalized older adults. With California's senior population rapidly growing, projected to reach 8.6 million by 2030, the initiative, spanning 3 to 5 years, seeks to amplify the voices of underserved individuals. 

Dr. Sarita Mohanty, CEO of The SCAN Foundation, emphasized addressing challenges faced by older adults including racism and discrimination, while Dr. Reggie Tucker-Seeley, Vice President of Health Equity at ZERO Prostate Cancer, highlighted the importance of involving impacted communities in shaping health equity perspectives. 

The initiative aims to align with California's Master Plan on Aging, striving to make marginalized individuals visible within the complex healthcare system, while community stories and lived experiences of older adults shed light on their healthcare challenges. The upcoming fall will see funding for Equity Community Organizing (ECO) groups, furthering the movement towards equitable aging.

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