Board of Directors

Group of people in a hotel lobby

Meet our Board of Directors

Tom Bognanno

Thomas Bognanno

Board Chairman
Woman with long brown hair in a white coat, Dr. Alicia Morgans

Alicia Morgans, MD, MPH

Medical Director of Survivorship Program
African American woman with a slick haircut and wearing black suit

Teedra Bernard

Chief Talent and Diversity Officer
Marty Chakoian

Marty Chakoian

Chief Technology Officer (retired)
Male executive in a suit and a tie

Alan Goldman

Chief Financial Officer
Woman with curly blond hair wearing a blue sweater and black top

Karen Jauregui

Head of Regulatory Affairs & Quality
Men with short hair and glasses, Ed Lomasney

Ed Lomasney

Executive Director, Client Service
Dr. Kelvin Moses

Kelvin Moses, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Urology
Woman with blond hair and dark sunglasses, Cheryl Nikituk

Cheryl Nikituk

ZERO champion and advocate
Middle-aged man with grey hair wearing a white shirt

Dan Perkins

Executive Pastor
Jon Poindexter

Jon Poindexter

Visionary Director & General Manager
Man in a checkered shirt

Don Slaght

Managing Principal