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Side Effects

There are side effects from each treatment for prostate cancer. Just as prostate cancer varies from person to person, the side effects experienced will vary from person to person. Fortunately, doctors work hard to ensure you will experience minimal side effects as a result of treatment. The most common side effects of treatment are urinary incontinence (the inability to control your bladder) and erectile dysfunction (the inability to achieve a full erection). These potential changes can impact your self esteem and personal relationships. Before deciding on a treatment, talk with your doctor and learn about possible side effects and how you would work together to manage these challenges.


Watch our webinar “Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction and Incontinence” to learn more. Watch here.

Another video to view, Managing Prostate Cancer Side Effects, features Doctors Lowentritt and Siegel from Chesapeake Urology along with survivors discussing several common side effects of prostate cancer and how to manage them.


Advances in surgery and radiation therapy along with improvements in drugs and treatment delivery have reduced the severity and frequency of side effects in recent years. Side effects depend on several factors including cancer stage, treatment choice, and your overall health.

Get educated about side effects of prostate cancer and treatment. This is key to maintaining good quality of life and a positive attitude while fighting the disease. Learn about potential side effects from each treatment options you are considering. While not everyone will have every possible side effect, it is important to understand how your life can be impacted by side effects.

  • Ask questions about what side effects to expect
  • Make a plan to manage the side effects you experience
  • Talk to your spouse or partner about how this will affect your relationship
  • This is your life, make the right decision for you

Explore our website to learn more about some common side effects:

Before treatment starts, talk to your doctor about what to expect based on your disease and treatment choice. Develop a plan to deal with the side effects that you do have. Find out about how much support you will need to manage side effects. The table below provides an overview of common side effects by type of treatment. Visit our types of treatment section to learn more about your options.