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Find a Clinical Trial

Clinical trials have helped hundreds of thousands of people – who are alive today – because new, more effective treatments became available. It’s important to take charge of your health and educate yourself about clinical trials you are eligible for based on your current situation.

Get matched to a prostate cancer clinical trial that’s right for you! Print out your results to discuss with your treatment team, or contact the study coordinators directly.

Featured Clinical Trials

Below are featured clinical trials you may be interested in learning more about. Be sure to use ZERO’s clinical trial finder above or visit www.clinicaltrials.gov to learn about all prostate cancer clinical trials you may be eligible for. You can use the results of these clinical trial finder tools to have conversations with your doctor.

NanoTherm Ablation Study for Gleason 3+4
NanoTherm is an investigational treatment that uses magnetic nanoparticles and an
alternating magnetic field to create heat and local ablation of the cancer lesion. The
focal ablation study is currently enrolling patients with a Gleason 3+4 diagnosis
between 40-85 years of age who have no metallic implants below their shoulders.
Focal ablation may be an alternative to surgery and radiation. MagForce is enrolling
patients nationwide and will cover travel expenses and related study costs to sites
in San Antonio, TX; Sarasota, FL; and Seattle, WA.

Pfizer Prostate Cancer Study-Clinical Trial Now Enrolling
This study is evaluating if an investigational (study) oral medicine is safe and effective for the treatment of metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer. The study is comprised of 2 parts: Part 1 compared different dose levels of the study medicine for tolerability and effectiveness. Part 2 will further evaluate the optimal dose level determined in Part 1; In Part 2 approximately 80 participants will be enrolled.

Participants will be randomly assigned to receive the current standard-of care medicine (enzalutamide) or the study medicine in combination with the current standard-of-care medicine (enzalutamide). Half of participants will receive enzalutamide, and half will receive the study medicine plus enzalutamide. If you are not initially assigned to receive study medicine and tests show that your cancer has progressed during your time in the study, you will have the option to begin taking the study medicine in addition to enzalutamide.

The PROMISE Registry
The PROMISE Registry is a long-term observational study led by Heather Cheng, MD, PhD, Fred Hutch Cancer Center, University of Washington and Channing Paller, MD, Sibley Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins University. Drs. Cheng and Paller seek to better understand how specific genetic profiles can: 

  • Influence the susceptibility of men to prostate cancer.
  • Impact the effectiveness of existing treatments.
  • Improve guidance for different and/or new treatment options.
  • Suggest precise areas to explore for new discoveries. 

PROMISE is an important next step in the fight against prostate cancer. PROMISE aims to bring precision medicine to the prostate cancer treatment much the way the research community has done for the treatment of breast cancer.

Click HERE to learn more about clinical trial phases, eligibility, informed consent, and patient protection.