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Advanced Prostate Cancer

Advanced prostate cancer refers to cancer that has spread beyond the prostate or Stage III or Stage IV. There are new treatment options available today for men with advanced prostate cancer to help slow the disease. Research your options and work with your doctor and support network to make the right treatment decisions for you.  Click here to download a fact sheet and infographic.

The best way to make an informed decision about your treatment is to learn as much as you can about your condition. There are several options for treatment available today and research is being conducted across the country to discover and make available new and better treatments. Ask questions and take notes on all of the options and choices applicable to you.

Knowing your stage and what it means is important. Stage III prostate cancer is also called locally advanced prostate cancer. At this stage, the cancer has spread just beyond the prostate to close by lymph glands or the seminal vesicles. Stage IV prostate cancer is also called metastatic prostate cancer. At this stage, the cancer has spread and metastasized to other organs such as the bone, liver, and lymph nodes.

Explore our website and resources to learn more about advanced prostate cancer, treatment options, clinical trials, and living a full life with the disease.

Click here to access a downloadable PDF of our newest Advanced Prostate Cancer Newsletter! 

Click here to learn about our most recent campaign with the International Prostate Cancer Coalition, called Men Who Speak Up, to encourage men with advanced prostate cancer to talk to their doctors about their pain and symptoms.

Watch medical oncologist Dr. Alicia Morgans give an introduction to understanding advanced prostate cancer.

Financial Assistance for Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients

There are resources available to help men pay for their medications for treatment and other related expenses. Treatments may include oral drugs, injections, supportive care drugs or other medications and procedures. To help offset the cost of prescription drugs, patient assistance programs have been established. Other resources exist to help people navigate the ever-changing costs associated with cancer care today. Visit our Financial Resources section to learn about resources for support.

You can also contact ZERO360 for help finding financial assistance and other resources.

Advanced Prostate Cancer Resources

At ZERO we are dedicated to helping you live your best life possible and we have resources and information to help you and your loved ones throughout the advanced prostate cancer journey. Our advanced prostate cancer resources include print materials, online educational programs and co-pay assistance. Check out some of our resources listed below.

PARP Inhibitors

PARP Inhibitors are a type of targeted cancer drug, and are the newest treatment option for some patients with advanced prostate cancer. Learn about the two PARP inhibitors available to advanced patients in the latest edition of ZERO’s Advanced Prostate Cancer Newsletter, or read ZERO’s press releases on the approval of LYNPARZA and RUBRACA.

Clinical Trials for Metastatic Prostate Cancer

There are many clinical studies offered for patients with metastatic prostate cancer. These studies try to find out if study medications (alone or with other treatments) are safe and if they can help prevent, find, or treat prostate cancer. See if any of these studies conducted by Merck may be right for you.

Managing Advanced Prostate Cancer Brochure

As part of our educational efforts at ZERO, we have developed this brochure to provide you and your loved ones with information about advanced prostate cancer, treatment options, managing side effects and other valuable information. Click here to download a PDF of the brochure or email info@zerocancer.org to request printed materials.

Advanced Prostate Cancer Newsletter

Our bi-annual newsletter  is mailed to patients and survivors to deliver them the latest and most comprehensive overview on advanced prostate cancer. Download a PDF of the latest version of the newsletter here, or call or email info@zerocancer.org to request a mailed copy.

2015-EDU-WEB-WebinarsAdvanced Prostate Cancer Webinars

The treatment and management of advanced prostate cancer continues to evolve. Hear from Dr. Alicia Morgans and Col. Paul Taylor – a Stage IV prostate cancer patient – as they discuss current treatments, managing side effects, and clinical trials in this December 2017 webinar.

Other webinars on relevant topics, such as clinical trials and bone health, in our webinar library

Patient Education Video Library

2015-EDU-WEB-VideosWatch our collection of educational videos on prostate cancer, featuring experts, patients, caregivers, and survivors speaking on a variety of issues relating to advanced prostate cancer, including bone health, treatment options, and the possibility of recurrence.

Online Information

NEW Resource: Advanced Prostate Cancer Fact Sheet

View our advanced prostate cancer fact sheet with information on treatments, and more.

NEW Resource: Advanced Prostate Cancer Q&A

These questions may help you to talk openly with your doctor about how best to manage your advanced prostate cancer.

NEW Resource: Rubraca and Advanced Prostate Cancer Information Sheet 

View our advanced prostate cancer and Rubraca information sheet to learn more about the treatment option.

Prostate Cancer Road Map

Put yourself in the driver’s seat to manage advanced prostate cancer by visiting My Prostate Cancer Road Map, an initiative of Janssen Biotech Inc in collaboration with ZERO and other partners.

MaleCare Support Group

Chat with other men who are also battling advanced prostate cancer.
Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group