Jamie Bearse Patient Emergency Fund

Financial barriers are the #1 cause of patients not receiving the health care needed to fight their diagnosis.

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"You Have Cancer"

Imagine being told, "You have cancer," only to discover that you cannot afford the treatment that could save your life. Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality faced by an increasing number of prostate cancer patients today, highlighting the urgent need for prostate awareness and support.

Addressing Urgent Needs, Making Lifesaving Support Accessible

At ZERO, patients and their families are connected with dedicated case managers through our free, comprehensive patient support program, ZERO360. Over the past year, ZERO has seen astonishing increases in the demand for support services. And it doesn't stop there. Projections indicate that the patient need for aid will continue to soar in the years to come.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to ensure that financial assistance is available to those who need it most. To meet the growing needs of patients and families facing a rising number of diagnoses, ZERO has introduced the Jamie Bearse Patient Emergency Fund.

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Each day spent with prostate cancer is a fight. I’m grateful to you for helping make sure a case manager is available to assist me every step of the way.

— Rallie Settles
Rallie Settles_Prostate Cancer Survivor
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Celebrating Jamie Bearse's Impact

After more than 20 years of dedicated service, including ten transformative years as President & CEO, Jamie Bearse has concluded his remarkable tenure at ZERO. Throughout his term Bearse has been an unwavering leader, deeply cherished by all, as he championed the cause of ZERO and raised awareness about the disease.

Under Bearse's visionary leadership, numerous milestones were achieved. He spearheaded initiatives that doubled the accessibility of free PSA tests, ultimately contributing to saving lives through early detection. He established ZERO360, a comprehensive patient resource and disease navigation program that has provided invaluable support to countless individuals and families. Additionally, Bearse played a pivotal role in cultivating a thriving and inclusive network of chapters and Champions, fostering community engagement and reaching patients nationwide.

Bearse leaves a lasting legacy of helping elevate prostate cancer from a hushed conversation to a national dialogue, building and galvanizing a passionate and engaged community. He has been a staunch advocate for health equity during his tenure, and he has started ZERO’s renewed efforts toward achieving health equity for all patients. He has never faltered in his role as a consistent beacon of hope, comfort, and inspiration for all who have been impacted by the disease.