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ZERO MENtor Program

Peer-to-Peer Support for Men Living with Prostate Cancer

Receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis can be an overwhelming experience. The thought of living with cancer and the immediate treatment that will follow can cause stress, anxiety, and fear. We understand that newly diagnosed men often want to speak with men who have experience combating the disease.

To facilitate these conversations, ZERO has developed the MENtor Program, a peer-to-peer support program for men with prostate cancer. The MENtor Program allows us to connect prostate cancer patients with the ongoing peer-to-peer support. MENtors can offer their experiences and insights to help men make informed decisions about their treatment.

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I want to thank everyone at ZERO. I was paired with a mentor today and feel very grateful for that.

– Paul, MENtee and Prostate Cancer Patient

What We Do

ZERO pairs newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients, or MENtees, with knowledgeable and empathetic MENtors to provide ongoing support to patients as they begin their prostate cancer journey. ZERO provides pre-program training as well as ongoing training and supervision for MENtors to ensure a high-quality learning environment and to build and reinforce the skills necessary to deliver effective peer support. ZERO trains each MENtor to understand and promote the use of credible prostate cancer information and resources to arm their MENtee with as much relevant information as possible.

Why It Helps

Peer-to-peer support from someone sharing similar experiences with a disease or condition improves quality of life. Peer-to-peer support is not counseling or medical advice. Rather, it complements and enhances other health care services by creating the emotional, social, and practical assistance necessary for the prostate cancer journey. While access to and use of health care services are extremely important, they alone are not enough for people to master and navigate the complex health care landscape of today.

Our Mentors

ZERO’s MENtors are all current prostate cancer patients and survivors who have been working with the organization for many years. MENtors come from all walks of life, giving a MENtee the best possible opportunity to be matched with a MENtor who has shared similar life experiences. ZERO MENtors are all eager to help their MENtees make their prostate cancer journey as comfortable and supportive as possible.
MENtors are not medical professionals nor can they provide specific medical advice.

Matching Process

After completing our online matching survey below, MENtees will be matched with a MENtor as soon as possible. ZERO will try to match a new MENtee with a MENtor who was diagnosed at the same stage, went through the same treatments, or experienced the same challenges during or after treatment. To make the best match, we will prioritize based on what you have identified as your main concerns or reasons for becoming a MENtee. You can count on your MENtor to provide emotional support as well as share his experience with you.

Request A ZERO Mentor

Please contact us at mentor@zerocancer.org with any questions related to our MENtor program.