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Caregiver Connector Mentor Program

Finding out that your loved one has prostate cancer and stepping into a new role as a prostate cancer caregiver can be an experience full of stress, uncertainty, and fear.

You may second guess if you are researching treatments appropriately, asking the correct questions, and helping to manage the side effects of treatment effectively. You might develop concerns about taking time for yourself, asking for help and making it to work when you’re scheduled.

We understand that while every prostate cancer caregiver journey is different, it is natural to want to speak with someone who may have experience navigating it.

To facilitate these conversations, ZERO has developed the Caregiver Connector Program, a peer-to-peer support program for those currently caring for men with prostate cancer as well as those who have lost their loved ones due to this disease.


Peer-to-peer support is not counseling or medical advice. Rather, it complements and enhances other health care services by creating the emotional, social, and practical assistance necessary for the prostate cancer caregiver journey.

The Caregiver Connector Program allows us to connect prostate cancer caregivers with ongoing one-on-one support from a Caregiver Mentor. ZERO’s Caregiver Mentors have cared for their brothers, fathers, husbands, sons, partners, grandfathers, friends, and neighbors and are trained to support you. Caregiver Mentors can offer their experiences and insights to help caregivers care for themselves and their loved ones.


After completing our online matching survey below, Caregiver Mentees will be matched with a Caregiver Mentor as soon as possible.

In order to make the best match, we will prioritize based on what you have identified as your main concerns and preferences. We will match those who have lost their loved one due to prostate cancer with Caregiver Mentors who have also lost their loved one.


You will have the opportunity to talk with your Caregiver Mentor over the phone or through email ensuring flexibility to meet your scheduling needs.

You can count on your Caregiver Mentor to be a listening ear, share their experiences, relate to your challenges, and support you.



Request A ZERO Caregiver Connector Mentor


Please contact us at mentor@zerocancer.org with any questions related to our Caregiver Connector program.