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Decode Your Prostate Cancer

Outsmart Your Tumor with a Molecular Profile

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What is Molecular Profiling?

Your cancer is as unique as your genes. Molecular profiling can help doctors better understand your tumor’s gene mutations, which could unlock treatment opportunities. Your medical team may be able to craft an individualized treatment plan of targeted therapies and clinical trials based on your specific molecular profile.

ZERO’s Decode Your Prostate Cancer program will help 100 men with metastatic prostate cancer receive an individualized report of available on-label, off-label, and clinical trials that target the mutations driving their cancers. This program is provided in partnership with Perthera, a leading company in precision medicine.

A Personalized Approach to Fighting Your Prostate Cancer

As we know, no two cancers are exactly alike. More and more patients like you are looking for ways to access the most recent developments to help identify the most effective treatments. Being armed with information that is specifically tailored to your molecular profile will help you and your medical team make decisions based on your data exclusively. A treatment that works for your friend with a similar diagnosis may not work for you at all. By using Decode Your Prostate Cancer, you will have an opportunity to discover what treatment options may work best for you.

Your Participation Furthers Prostate Cancer Research

By participating in the Decode Your Prostate Cancer program, you are doing more than helping yourself and your care team to identify treatment and clinical trial opportunities. Adding your anonymous data to the program’s database could help the next man who is diagnosed with a similar tumor mutation.

This is a win-win opportunity. Not only will you receive an individualized plan based on your molecular profile, but you will also help researchers and clinicians make more informed treatment decisions in the future.

The Decode Your Prostate Cancer Process

If you are interested in decoding your prostate cancer, here is the step-by-step process:

  1. First, enroll by filling out the release waiver online.
  2. After you enroll, a Perthera patient coordinator will contact you and your physician to get consent to obtain your tissue biopsy.
  3. Your coordinator in consultation with your clinical care team will develop a molecular profile.
  4. Using Perthera’s unique technology, your profile will be matched with data on treatments and clinical trials.
  5. Your specific case results will be reviewed by a group of oncologists as part of Perthera’s Medical Review Panel.
  6. A personalized report will be provided to you and your medical team. This report will rank the treatments and clinical trials that the Medical Review Board determined to work best for someone with your specific molecular profile.

To Get Started, Please Fill Out Our Enrollment Form


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