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Has a loved one been diagnosed with prostate cancer? ZERO is here to help you navigate this journey as a partner and take care of yourself along the way.

2024 Caregiver Guide Cover

The demands of caregiving can take a heavy toll if you do not receive enough support or if you’re feeling a lack of control over the situation. Arming yourself with knowledge of prostate cancer, available resources, and tools for self-care will make this situation better for yourself and for your loved one. Just as no prostate cancer diagnosis is the same, no two people will provide care for a loved one in the same ways.

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with tools, tips, resources, coping strategies, and support. Putting your own needs aside while you care for your loved one will not work in the long term. You have the right to take pride in what you’re doing, you have the right to seek help from others, and you have the right to maintain some bit of normalcy from your life before your loved one was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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