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Community Testing Partners

ZERO is committed to saving lives through education and early detection. We believe knowledge is power in beating cancer. Knowing your PSA score, as well as being aware of the full spectrum of treatments and tactics gives a man the best chance against prostate cancer.

ZERO Prostate Cancer Drive LogoZERO is pleased to support organizations and programs that provide free testing in the community. Starting in 2002, ZERO pioneered mobile prostate cancer testing nationwide and provided more than 130,000 men with free prostate cancer testing with the use of two mobile medical vehicles through the ZERO Prostate Cancer Drive.

In 2014, we donated our vehicles to two partners who will use them in their communities to provide free prostate cancer screenings and other tests to men at high risk of the disease. Partners in Wellness at the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center at Louisiana State University and Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation in California were each awarded a ZERO vehicle and will offer free testing across their respective states.

Tzu Chi Testing Vehicle  TzuChi Vehicle1  Tzu Chi Vehicle 2

Currently, the Drive Program serves both at-risk and hard-to-reach male populations in targeted areas through our Drive Program partners at LSU and Tzu Chi. For this program, ZERO continues to provide education materials, input on testing site locations, and marketing and communication outreach to promote testing sites.

To help men locate a testing site near them, ZERO launched a national testing database. Find a testing site near you!

About our Partners

Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation is a nonprofit volunteer-based humanitarian organization established to serve communities in need. In addition to operating five mobile vehicles (one medical, three dental, and one vision) throughout California, they operate low-cost brick-and-mortar medical clinics. The prostate cancer mobile unit in partnership with ZERO services the central and southern California areas (mostly in the greater LA area). To learn more about where you can get tested with Tzu Chi, click here.

Chesapeake Urology Associates offers free prostate cancer testing at various locations in the Baltimore area, primarily targeting the African-American population, who are at increased risk for the disease. Now it’s ninth year, the ZERO free prostate cancer screening program in Baltimore was successful once again. In 2015 – 2016, eleven screening events were held in partnership with eight African-American churches, two service fraternities, and one social services organization. A total of 639 high-risk men were tested, (4.5%) of the men tested had elevated PSA’s and (4.0%) men were found to have suspicious digital rectal exams, which are the early indicators for prostate cancer. For more information, click here.

Partners in Wellness at the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center at Louisiana State University offer screening clinics at LSU at their stand-alone clinic at LSU and free prostate screenings for uninsured/underinsured men one day per month. The vehicle donation allows Partners in Wellness to operate a mobile prostate cancer screening program alongside their women’s screening program. To learn more about the Partners in Wellness program, click here.

Prostate Conditions Education Council (PCEC) is the national leader in providing prostate cancer screenings for men in all stages of the disease. Each year PCEC coordinates the national Prostate Conditions Awareness Week program. Local screening sites across America offer free or low-cost prostate cancer screenings to men over the age of 40 years or high-risk males over the age of 35 years.

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