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by Jamarlo Phillips   |   October 1, 2021

Viral Tik Tok Farmer shares his story to raise awareness about prostate cancer

With over 6 million views and nearly 300,000 followers on Tik Tok, 46 year-old Cowboy Max Wade is stepping up in the fight to end prostate cancer. With his inviting personality and adorable goats, one would never guess how difficult of a cancer journey Wade has had just this year alone.

In July, Wade announced on Tik Tok that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and that he is scheduled to get his prostate removed in November. “It’s scary and I’ve had to battle with that. But I also look at it and remind myself I have four kids and a wife that love me, and I love them, and they love me regardless. The alternative is much worse than erectile dysfunction and incognizance for a little while or long-term,” said Wade.

Shortly after his diagnosis, Wade turned to live streams in an attempt to provide a sense of community to men battling prostate cancer and families stuck in their homes during the pandemic. “If I can inspire somebody else, another man to get out there and get checked and be able to overcome the embarrassment of things, then I feel like it’s a pretty nice place to be, to give somebody else that reassurance that everything is going to be okay,” shared Wade.

Wade said his father died from prostate cancer so his “Happy Herd” of farm animals at Galloping Goat Pumpkin Patch in New Mexico is what helps him get through difficult times. His 298.5 K followers on Tik Tok also serve as a massive network of support when he received his cancer diagnosis. “I think it’s therapeutic because the goats are a big part of our business and they’re kind of a part of the family. I get a lot of support out of them and a lot of enjoyment. I definitely know that the distraction, the purpose, and the enjoyment of having something — whether it’s goats or anything else — really helps distract from this scary heavy weight of cancer,” Wade explained.

Over the past few years, Wade’s noticed a trend that men are being diagnosed with prostate cancer at an earlier age than ever before. He shared how important it is to get screened now because it’s not uncommon for men in their 50’s or even their 40’s to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Wade now works tirelessly on his New Mexico farm while he preaches early prevention but admits men rarely want to listen. Wade is passionate to reach more men about the importance of early detection by sharing his personal journey on Tik Tok.

All men are at risk of prostate cancer. Screening is an important tool for detecting it in its early stages, when it’s most treatable. Testing involves a simple blood test to measure prostate-specific antigen (PSA) combined with a physical examination of the prostate. More information about the importance of screening can be found here.