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by Kurt Wilfinger   |   October 3, 2017

Turn Your Negative Into a Positive

I’ve been running in various races since 2012, but only began running half marathons in 2015, my first being in Kauai. Since then I’ve completed eight half marathons.

It was on July 6, 2017 that my running world halted. On this day, I received my diagnosis of prostatic Adenocarcinoma. People around me, including urologists, told me that because of my superior physical shape I would get through this and some day would return to running. Some day…

Right then and there I decided to take control of my cancer, my diagnosis, and my prognosis by staying as positive as possible. I did this by aiming high, by shooting for the stars. I did this by scheduling a half marathon in Kauai exactly five weeks after my radical prostatectomy surgery. Doctors were skeptical. Heck, I was even skeptical.

By running for Team ZERO in the Kauai marathon, I was able to come in at 200% of my original goal of $1,500. Signing up for this race prompted me to get into excellent physical shape post-surgery, and I finished the race on Sept 3, 2017 with a PR time of 2:13. This beat my 2016 time by 15 minutes!

Emotions? You bet. There is physical healing but also psychological healing. My advice? Give yourself time to heal mentally. I decided right after my diagnosis to turn my negative into a positive for prostate cancer support. Stay positive. Don’t give up.

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