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by Kara Paschal   |   April 11, 2018

Truck Drivers and Prostate Cancer

So picture this… you are a truck driver. You’re driving down the road listening to your audio books or music, your only focus is getting to your pick up location so you can deliver goods to stores across the United States for families to be able to buy. I bet I know one thing you’re not thinking about! The thought has not crossed your mind that sitting in your semi-truck driving could put you at a higher risk for prostate cancer. Well it’s true!

Studies have shown that the whole body vibrations that a truck driver experiences while driving can increase the risk of prostate cancer. While testing men who already had prostate cancer it was determined that truck drivers were four times more likely to be diagnosed with highly aggressive prostate cancer. My father who was a truck driver for many years was stage 4 when he was diagnosed, and at the time this research was not available. I am left to wonder if this was the reason he was diagnosed. There were times he would spend majority of the month on the road and only two days at home. Was my dad working hard to provide for his family the reason he had prostate cancer? We will never know.

Now, with the information regarding truck drivers you would think they would require PSA testing for the Department of Transportation physical. Well guess what? They don’t! They will risk you being on the road driving having this cancer inside you and not even knowing it is there. One thing about prostate cancer: it’s called the silent killer because when you start having symptoms you might already have advanced disease. In a male-dominated field, we need to have more protection for our men. Please fight to know your PSA numbers and protect yourself. It very well could save your life.

Source: Los Angeles Times