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by Amanda Singer   |   January 10, 2018

Top Ten Most Read Blog Posts of 2017

2017 was a great year for our Journey to ZERO blog! Check out the top ten most read posts.

10. A Health Screening Saved My Life—My Journey with Prostate Cancer Treatment  by Reggie Dye
Prostate cancer patient Reggie discusses his prostate cancer journey and the importance of talking to your doctor about testing.

9. A Cancer Diagnosis, Job Loss, and Financial Burden by Drew Saelens, MBA, MS
ZERO’s Vice President of Government Relations and Patient Advocacy shares the story of one man who utilized ZERO360 while in treatment for prostate cancer.

8. On Father’s Day, Our Advice To Those Who Have Just Lost Their Father by The Nikituks
After losing Paul to prostate cancer, the Nikituks have become passionate advocates and fundraisers in the fight to end the disease that took Paul’s life. In honor of Father’s Day, daughters Tara and Meghan share some advice for others dealing with the loss of their father.

7. Why ED is the Best Thing That Happened to Our Intimate Life by Michael Russer & Jacqueline Lopez
Emotional and sexual intimacy experts Michael (also a prostate cancer survivor) and Jacqueline talk about how Erectile Dysfunction (ED) has changed their intimate life (for the better).

6. A Ground Hog Day Conviction by Jamie Bearse
In the first-ever Journey to ZERO blog post, CEO Jamie Bearse talks prostate cancer and how ZERO is fighting to end the disease on behalf of men and families.

5. Nutrition: Your Ally During Prostate Cancer by Jenna A. Bell, PhD, RD
Care4ward’s Nutrition Program Advocate Jenna discusses the power of what, when, and how you eat during prostate cancer treatment.

4. Autopilot Disengage by Dan Brown
Prostate cancer patient Dan shares his perspective on life post-prostate cancer diagnosis.

3. I’m So In: Paying it Forward for My Husband and All Men by Andrea Thomas
Andrea talks about why she started volunteering with ZERO after her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

2. My Five-Year Anniversary – Looking Forward, Not Back by Col. Paul Taylor
Col. Paul Taylor was diagnosed with prostate cancer five years ago on July 6th, 2012. Now a ZERO Board Member and active advocate, Paul shares more of his journey and what he’s looking forward to in his future.

1. Top Ten Excuses For Not Being Tested for Prostate Cancer by Ian Mair
Prostate cancer survivor Ian shares the top ten reasons he’s heard for not being tested for prostate cancer to help raise awareness of the importance of early detection of the disease.

There you have it! We are so grateful to all of our contributors for helping make 2017 great and are looking forward to another year of informative reads on Journey to ZERO! Want to contribute to the blog in 2018? Shoot me an email!